FDA issues Guidance Document

Today, (11/27/2017) FDA published a final guidance document entitled “Pediatric Information for X-ray Imaging Device Premarket Notifications,” encouraging manufacturers to consider child safety when designing X-ray imaging devices. In the guidance, which applies to new devices and modifications requiring the submission of a new 510(k), the FDA recommends manufacturers design these devices with protocols and instructions that address use on pediatric patients. It encourages the inclusion of pediatric indications and provides recommendations for labeling and instructions for use for X-ray imaging devices likely to be used on children.
You can find more information at FDA’s Pediatric X-ray Imaging website. Additionally, the FDA will host a webinar “CDRH Final Guidance: Pediatric Information for X-ray Imaging Device Premarket Notifications” on January 9, 2017, for manufacturers and others interested in learning more about this guidance.  More information about the webinar is available at http://www.fda.gov/cdrhwebinar.


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