Member Notes

  • Caffey Awards Announced at SPR 2015:
    • John Caffey Award for Best Clinical Science Paper: Paper # 145: "Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound in the Assessment of Pediatric Solid Tumor Response to Anti-Angiogenic Therapy," Beth McCarville,MD, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,Memphis,TN, Jamie Coleman, Junyu Guo, Yimei Li,  Xingyu Li, Fariba Navid.
    • John Caffey Award for Best Basic Science Paper: Paper #: 037: " Lead Gonad Shields: Good or Bad for Patient Radiation Exposure?
      Summer Kaplan, MD, Radiology," The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,Philadelphia, PA. Dennise Magill, Marc Felice, Sayed Ali, Xiaowei Zhu
    • John A. Kirkpatrick Young Investigator Award: Ashish Parikh, MD for Paper #: 040: "Radiation Dose Reduction by Indication Directed Focused z-Direction Coverage for Neck CTs,"  Ashish Parikh, MD, Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL,  Chetan Shah
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