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Reference Library

Congenital Lung Anomalies

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Diffuse Lung Disease

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Dose Awareness/Reduction Techniques

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Incidental Pulmonary Nodules in Children

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Large Airway Disease

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MR of Chest

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Patient Safety

Pulmonary Embolism

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Pulmonary Infection

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Thoracic Neoplasm

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Thoracic Imaging Committee


Sarah Desoky, MD, Chair
Jason P. Weinman, MD, Vice Chair
Savvas Andronikou, MBBchm, FRCR, PhD
Alan S. Brody, MD
Eric J. Crotty, MD
Emily  Dunn, BA, MD
Robert J. Fleck, MD
Rajesh  Krishnamurthy, MD
Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH
David E. Manson, MD
David A. Mong, MD
Jordan B. Rapp, MD, MS
Katya Rozovsky, MD
Pallavi Sagar, MD
David  Saul, MD
Kushaljit S. Sodhi, MD
Andrew B. Wallace, MD


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