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Pediatric Interventional Radiologists gathered at the fountain in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami following their meeting at SPR 07. 

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SPIR Organization Process and Progress

Following pre-organizational gatherings at the SIR and SPR 2007, an SPIR intake process was commenced, in order to identify individuals wishing to participate in the process going forward and to identify those eligible to elect an organizational committee to represent the group. The results of the intake process are detailed below, for those who are interested.

  • Demographics:
    Female 21.9 %
    Male 78.1%
  • Ages
    31-40 35.2 %
    41-50 39.1%
    51-60 18.1%
    Greater than 60 3.8%
  • Profession:
    89.5 % radiologists
    6.7 % trainees
    3.9 % (including nurse practitioner, physician assistant, research associate and medical physicist).
  • Self reported primary practice subspecialty of self-indentified PIRs who responded to SPIR intake:
    44.7 % pediatric IR is primary practice
    26.6 % pediatric radiology
    22.3 % adult IR
    6.5 % diagnostic, pediatric or interventional neuroradiology
  • Society membership:
    SPR 66%
    SIR 55.3%
    ACR 55.3%
    ASPNR 14.9%
    ASNR 11.7%
    ISSVA 7.4%
    ASITN 3.2 %
    Numerous other relevant societies mentioned by participants.

Invitations to participate in the SPIR intake were sent to known PIRs from previous meetings, as well as through society mailings of the SPR and SIR, in order to remain inclusive of PIR practitioners, per consensus from previous gatherings. Attempts were made to outreach via ASPNR but a response was not recieved.105 individuals filled out the form.


For more information or to join the SPIR, see
If you wish to join the email listserve for SPIR organizational discussion/information, please contact Dr. Manrita Sidhu

Pediatric Interventional Training Opportunities

A list of the Pediatric Interventional Training programs is available via the Society for Pediatric Interventional Radiology website.  Or go directly there by clicking here.

Interventional Imaging


Manish N. Patel, DO, Chair
Leah E. Braswell, MD, Vice Chair
Michael R. Acord, MD
Michael D. Collard, MD
Joseph Davis, MD
Malik  Dawoud, MD
Brian J. Dillon, MD
Anne P. Gill, MD
Lisa H. Kang, MD
Rajesh  Krishnamurthy, MD
Matthew P. Lungren, MD
Radu  Nicolaescu, MD
Raja  Shaikh, MD
Gali  Shapira Zaltsberg, MD
Abhay Srinivasan, MD
Nghia (Jack) Vo, MD
Jonathon  Weber, MD
Stacy White, Jr., MD
Scott  Willard, MD
Kevin  Wong, DO

Professional Resources


To access the website for the Society for Pediatric Interventional Radiology (SPIR), click here.


To access the website for the American Society for Pediatric Neuroradiology (ASPNR), click here.


To access the website for the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR), click here.


To access the website for the International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA), click here.

Sites with PIR Services

General Information

The information about the departments included were provided by representatives of the departments themselves.  If you do not see your department listed, simply contact us to request the inclusion.  

If you do not see your local Children's Hospital listed here, we recommend that you contact them directly to learn if Interventional Radiology services are offered. 

Thank you. 

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Department of Interventional Radiology
Hospital Nacional de Pediatria "Prof. JP Garrahan"
Combate de los Pozos 1881
(1254) Buenos Aires

PH: 54.11.4308.4300
Fax: 54.11.4308.5325
Sergio Sierre, MD
José Lipsich, MD