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Our intent is to provide a central resource for SPR members who seek additional information to help establish or grow their involvement with fetal imaging in their communities. Content is offered in a downloadable format for your use and modification. To offer suggestions on ways to improve the page or add other useful components, please contact the Fetal Imaging Committee chair through the link on the committee roster.

Educational Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

SPR Meeting: 

2019 Fetal Imaging Course
September 12-15, 2019
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Obtain more information here.


Non-SPR Meeting:

Future meetings coming soon!

Past Meetings

Continuing Meetings

    • Mini-Fellowships at Cincinnati Children’s, individually arranged by contacting Beth Kline-Fath, MD at 

Fetal Imaging on Social Media

The Fetal Committee also manages social media accounts on multiple platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These accounts are primarily used for educational purposes, including a weekly teaching case. However, they will also be utilized for relevant news and updates. Please follow/friend us at these accounts:

•Twitter handle – @fetal_imaging

•Instagram username – fetal_imaging

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fetal.imaging 



Colloquium for Fetal Imagers

The Fetal Committee moderates an online colloquium for fetal imagers, hosted via Google Groups, which serves as a forum for discussion of diagnostic dilemmas, exchange of imaging tips and novel techniques, and development of best practices. This forum, which presently includes members from the United States, Canada, and Europe, is open to anyone actively performing and interpreting fetal imaging, including both US and MRI.

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Fetal Imaging Committee


Teresa Victoria, MD, PhD, Chair
Mariana L. Meyers, MD, Vice Chair
Rama S. Ayyala, MD
Richard A. Barth, MD, FACR, FAAP
Eric SC Bih, MD
Micheal A. Breen, MBBCh  
Brandon P. Brown, MD, MA, FAAP
Dorothy I. Bulas, MD, FACR
Christopher I. Cassady, MD, FAAP
Gabrielle C. Colleran, MD
Patricia Cornejo, MD
Nilesh Desai, MD
Ryne A. Didier, MD
Michael S. Gee, MD, PhD
Luis F. Goncalves, MD
Carolina V. Guimaraes, MD
Camilo Jaimes Cobos, MD
Paggie Kim, MD
Beth M. Kline-Fath, MD, FAIUM
Amy B. Kolbe, MD
Jennifer N. Kucera, MD
Leann E. Linam, MD
Elka Miller, MD, FRCPC
David M. Mirsky, MD
Usha D. Nagaraj, MD
Edward R. Oliver, MD
Eva I. Rubio, MD
Francois Rypens, MD
Arielle E. VanSyckel, MD, MS

Fetal Imaging Experts

Fetal Imaging Experts

Institutions who self-report offering prenatal imaging (in alpha order by US – States , then Canadian Provinces) can be found here.
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