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Cardiac MRI

Indications, Limitations and Risks & Benefits

Cardiac MRI at 3T

Fetal Cardiac MRI

Cardiac MRI ExamCards

Cardiac MRI ExamCards are now available. 
When viewing the ExamCards, be sure to select the correct version/scanner that is being used.  Then, select “Save as’’ and place the file(s) on a thumb drive to transfer to the machine being used. 

A list of the ExamCards as well as the raw files can be accessed via the button below.  All files have been uploaded to the online file sharing system, Box.  A Box account is NOT required to access the files.  However, if you have a Box account or wish to open one, you may do so upon accessing the folder. 

Cardiac MRI Report Templates


Educational Presentations

IPR 2016 Meeting & Exhibition

Imaging of Pulmonary Hypertension
Catherine M. Owens, MBBS, FRCR

Coronary Imaging
Aurelio Secinaro, MD

Basic CT Physics
Christina L. Sammet, PhD, DABR

Cardiac Imaging Committee Roster


Maryam Ghadimi Mahani, MD, Chair
David M. Biko, MD, Vice Chair
John Bonanni, MD, FRCPC
Lorna P. Browne, MB BS
Joo Y. Cho, MD
Joseph T. Davis, MD
Jeanne Dillenbeck, MD
Mark R. Ferguson, MD
Marcos P. Ferreira Botelho, DO
Jamie Frost, MD
Preetam Gongidi, DO
Lindsay Griffin, MD
Brian D. Handly, MD
Donald O. Ibe, MD
Siddharth P. Jadhav, MD
Marek Kardos, MD
Christopher P. Keup, MD
Rajesh Krishnamurthy, MD
Ramkumar Krishnamurthy, PhD
Christopher Lam, MD
Karen Lyons, MB, BCh, BAO
Ladonna J. Malone, MD
Prakash M Masand, MD
Erin Opfer, DO
Cynthia K. Rigsby, MD, FACR
David Saul, MD
Smyrna Tuburan, MD
Andrew B. Wallace, MD
Evan J. Zucker, MD

Fellowships and Observerships

Cardiac CT Observership Training Program Info

The Cardiac CT Observership Training Program Info is available in two forms: Word Document and PDF.

Cardiac Imaging Fellowship Program Directors

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, OH

Director: Raj Krishnamurthy

Texas Children’s Hospital
Houston, TX

Director: Amy Mehollin-Ray

Cardiac MRI Fellowship Program Directors

Texas Children’s Hospital
Houston, TX
Director: Amy Mehollin-Ray

Lurie Children’s Hospital
Chicago, IL

Director: Andrada Popescu

Sick Kids Hospital
Toronto, ON

Director: Lars Grosse-Wortmann


Cardiac Imaging Core Curriculum for Pediatric Radiology Fellows

For access to the PPT version of the Curriculum, click here.