Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Taskforce

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Taskforce





 Image courtesy of M. Beth McCarville, MD

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CEUS Task Force


M. Beth McCarville, MD, Chair
Susan J. Back, MD, Vice Chair
Patricia T. Acharya, MD
Carol E. Barnewolt, MD
Joo Y. Cho, MD
Kassa Darge, MD, PhD, Advisory
Reza Daugherty, MD
Lynn A. Fordham, MD, FACR
Ami Gokli, MD
Preetam Gongidi, DO
Misun Hwang, MD
Jeannie K. Kwon, MD
Annie Lim, DO
Martha M. Munden, MD
Harriet J. Paltiel, MD
Judy H. Squires, MD
Abhay S. Srinivasan, MD

Task Force Objectives

  • Help promote contrast ultrasound (CEUS) as a useful, low cost, radiation free imaging modality in pediatric imaging.
  • Develop relationships with manufacturers, regulators, media, other imaging organizations, and appropriate advocacy groups.
  • Explore ways of developing CEUS as a useful, practical imaging tool, including clinical trials and off label use.
  • Encourage scientific research involving CEUS
  • Help educate SPR members, pediatricans, and parents about the benefits of CEUS in pediatric imaging.
  • Help coordinate/support multicenter clinical trials involving CEUS

Upcoming CEUS Activities

34th Annual Advances in Contrast Ultrasound

34th Annual Advances in
 Contrast Ultrasound

International Bubble Conference

September 5th & 6th, 2019

Chicago, Illinois

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Society For Radiologist in Ultrasound Annual Meeting

29th Annual Meeting &
Postgraduate Course

October 3 - 9, 2019
Denver, Colorado

* Will be hosting a Sunday Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound - Mini Symposium: Eligible for one day registration.

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Getting Started

Tips for Starting Your Program

Implementing a contrast enhanced Voiding Ultrasonography (ceVUS) Program at a Large Children’s Hospital: How our
experience can help you

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Helpful Literature

06/16/2014: Editorial: Sellars ME, Deganello A, Sidhu PS. Paediatric Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS): A Technique that Requires Co-operation for Rapid Implementation into Clinical Practice. Ultraschall in Med 2014; 35: 203-206

Additional Resources from the SPR


  • Cort Kayla  ( Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , Philadelphia Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , United States )
  • Piskunowicz Maciej  ( Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , Philadelphia Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , United States )
  • Hwang Misun  ( Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , Philadelphia Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , United States )


Applications - Intravascular



Applications - Intravesical


Archived Publications





Lumason Reimbursement information (from Bracco)

Download PDF here. 

Currently Available Coding for contrast enhanced liver ultrasound:

  • CPT: Ultrasound
    • 76705 – liver ultrasound or 
    • 76700 – if performed as part of a complete abdominal ultrasound (liver, common bile duct, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and the upper abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava including any demonstrated abdominal abnormality)
    • (The physician interpreting the exam would add modifier -26)
  • Administration of contrast
    • 96374 - Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); intravenous push, single or initial substance/drug
    • (Physician performing the exam at a facility should not report this code, but facilities may. Payers may or may not allow this code for contrast administration.)
  • HCPCS: 
    • Contrast Material
    • Q9950 - Injection, sulfur hexafluoride lipid microspheres, per ml
    • our reimbursement hot line at 1-800-349-1388, to provide the appropriate product-related reimbursement information to you.

    Lumason benefits from a pass-through code and that means reimbursement is available for the contrast agent for patients in the outpatient settings. The code is Q9950. Lumason is the only contrast agent with this coverage, coding and reimbursement.

Webinar Archives

Other Organizations


Lumason (Sonovue)/Bracco

Statement from Bracco

  • Lumason is available as a three-part step-saving kit for simple reconstitution and preparation of the injectable suspension. 
  • Some key benefits of LUMASON
    ● Helps improve suboptimal echo image quality at the point of care and characterizes focal liver lesions
    ● Proven safety and efficacy profile
    ● Portable 3-part kit
    ● Single patient use
    ● No refrigeration and no mechanical agitation required
  • Ordering Information:
    #0270 – 7099-16 5 Kits per Carton
    LUMASON is supplied as a single patient-use kit as follows:
    • One Lumason vial of 25mg lipid-type A lyophilized powder with headspace fill of 60.7mg of sulfur hexafluoride
    • One prefilled syringe containing 5mL of Sodium Chloride 0.9% Injection, USP (Diluent)
    • One Mini-Spike
    Each kit is package in a clear plastic container.
  • Reimbursement Information:
  • The Bracco LUMASON website provides resources including the prescribing information (Attached) and materials for product use.   
  • For additional information about LUMASON, please contact Bracco Diagnostics at: 



Contrast Specific Software

GE - General Electric Medical

Content coming...

Hitachi Aloka


  1. Company: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co.,LTD
    Mindray Building, Keji 12th Road South, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen 518057, P.R. China
    Tel: +86755 86119580
  2. Name of US contrast package: UWN Contrast Imaging™ (Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear Contrast Imaging)
  3. Parameters:
    a. Low-MI : available, MI visible on images
    b. High MI : available
    c. Dual screen: available
    d. Color overlay : available
    e. "Subtraction option" : not available
  4. Components of the US contrast modality:
    UWN Contrast Imaging™ provides exceptional contrast agent detecting capability, not only extracts second harmonica, but also non-linear fundamental signals.
  5. US scanners: (Does this mean transducer available for Contrast imaging?)
    a. DC-8:C5-2E,C7-3E, L12-3E,P4-2NE
    b. M9:C5-1s,SP5-1s
  6. Availability: only available on DC-8, M9.
  7. Sample images: as linked below
    1. Liver cancer contrast image
    2. Cholecystic Polypus contrast image




Canon: Formerly Toshiba: Information coming soon...


Dr Paul Sidhu, Dr Maria Sellars, and Dr Annamaria Deganello at Kings College Hospital, London

Child with Focal Nodular Hyperplasia, with early enhancement, demonstration of central scar, and prolonged enhancement, effectively excluding malignancy.

@Carmina Duran. MD. UDIAT-SDI, Corporació Sanitària i Universitària Parc Taulí, Sabadell, Spain.

Urethra Normal

Posterior urethral valve

ceVUS video clip shoing vesicoureteral reflux, with a normal urethra on transperineal voiding images






@Frederica Papadopoulou, MD; Thessoloniki, Greece

@Beth McCarville, MD

Contrast Enhanced CT shows Liver Metastasis from Transitional Cell Carcinoma in a 16 year old boy.


Non-Contrast Enhanced Sagittal Ultrasound Image using Contrast Specific Software. Background tissue appears blue.


Early Arterial Phae after IV administration of a perflutren contrast agent. The contrast agent appears orange. The liver metastasis shows enhancement during this phase.

Portal-venous phase shows washout of contrast from the metastasis, a feature typical of malignant liver lesions.

@Kassa Darge, MD, PhD




CEUS with the bladder full of microbubbles and refluxing into the right ureter. Clear depiction of a right vesicoureteric reflux. No reflux on the left. Contrast specific technique with color overlay and subtraction makes the reflux detection much easier


CEUS with microbubbles in the right renal pelvis which is not markedly dilated. Contrast specific technique with color overlay and subtraction makes the reflux detection much easier

@Kassa Darge, MD, PhD


Contrast-enhanced image with color overlay showing reflux, with grey scale subtracted.

@Kassa Darge, MD, PhD

CeVUS - Liver Laceration & Kidney Perfusion Defect Not Seen On Grey-Scale Ultrasound

@Doris Franke, MD - Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

 No definite abnormality seen

Small hematoma in hepato-renal space


Y-Shaped liver laceration and major perfusion defect lower pole, right kidney