Jack O. Haller Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award is given in memory of Jack O. Haller who excelled as an educator, mentor, and author. His ability and enthusiasm stimulated many young medical students and residents to pursue pediatric radiology. To be awarded yearly to that individual who has demonstrated evidence of outstanding ability to educate trainees (medical student, resident, and fellow) who has shown sustained substantial excellence in mentorship skills.

The SPR Research and Education Foundation annually calls for nominations for the Jack O. Haller Award for Excellence in Teaching.This award is granted yearly to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding ability to educate and inspire trainees (medical students, residents and fellows.) 

To nominate an individual for this award, submit a completed application packet to jboylan@acr.org by November 1 or the first business day following the  1st, if the 1st is on a weekend.

Application packet includes:
  • Nomination letter 
  • One letter of support from a past trainee 
  • One letter of support from a current trainee  

Recipients of the Jack O. Haller Award

  • 2017 - Janet R. Reid, MD

  • 2016 - Melvin Senac, MD

  • 2015 - Laura Fenton, MD

  • 2014 - Tal Laor, MD

  • 2014 - Carrie Ruzal-Shapiro, MD

  • 2013 - Gary L. Hedlund, DO

  • 2012 - Richard Markowitz, MD

  • 2011 - Paul Kleinman, MD

  • 2010 - George A. Taylor, MD

  • 2009 - Michael A. DiPietro, MD

  • 2008 - Sara Abramson-Squire, MD

  • 2007 - Cindy Miller, MD

  • 2006 - John O'Connor, MD

  • 2006 - William Cranley, MD

  • 2005 - Alan Daneman, MD

Donations to support this award and the SPR Research and Education Foundation should be sent to:

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