SPR's 2nd Campaign for Children

........with our new focus on supporting Educational projects!  

Since the SPR Research and Education Foundation’s founding in 1990, 29 years ago, 155 SPR members from 66 different institutions have received support for a wide array of projects generating meeting presentations, published papers, and, most importantly, advances in the way we practice and care for children. The experience of winning an SPR Foundation grant has fueled several generations of promising young pediatric radiologists as they began careers in research.
We are now three years into the The SPR’s 2nd Campaign for Children: Research and Education. The Foundation has always funded interesting research projects and we are happy to report that as promised, a portion of funds raised through The SPR’s 2nd Campaign for Children has been earmarked for separate grant programs for educational grants. In fact, since 2016, four education grants have been funded. 
The levels of giving are noted below, however, any donation would be appreciated. Note that we welcome multi-year pledges. 
We hope you agree with us on the value of the SPR Foundation grants – to our members, to our patients, to the entire world of Pediatric Radiology– and embrace the campaign’s continuing support of research and the renewed focus on education.We hope that every member will want to support the Campaign for Children at some level.

Your ideas for the gestures that would mean the most to you may be addressed to the SPR Board of Directors or any member of the Foundation Board or Development Committee.  Contact Angela Davis, The SPR' Foundation's Managing Director, for more information.

Members, kindly log in before visiting the "Store" so your donation to the SPR Research and Education Foundation will be tied to your member record.   Click Here to Give.

What works for you?

 Legacy Levels
  • Diamond Level- Above $50,000                  
  • Platinum Circle- $25,001- $50,000
  • Gold Circle- $10,001-$25,000
  • Silver Circle- $5,001-$10,000
Builders' Levels
  • Founder's Circle- $2,501- $5,000       
  • Pioneer's Circle- $1,001-$2,500  
  • Innovator's Circle- $501-$1,000

Ways to Participate

First things first

ALWAYS speak first with your financial planner about designing your finances to support the people and causes you love. 

Once you've decided you'd like to give the SPR Research and Education Foundation, feel free to contact SPR staff.  if you have any questions or want more information. 

Make a Pledge/Donate

Visit our secure payment site to make a donation to the Foundation. 

If you would like to arrange for a larger gift, contact the SPR' Foundation's Managing Director, Angela Davis at 703-648-0691 or ADavis@acr.org.  You may also wish to review the form available at this link.

Oh, and thank you!

Memorial - Honorary - Celebratory Programs

Members of the Society have organized several campaigns in honor of SPR members in support of specific programs. These funds are listed below.  Unrestricted Memorial, Honorary and Celebratory Donations are always accepted and will be recognized at the Society's annual meeting.  

The Heidi Patriquin Fund 

In memory of Dr. Heidi Patriquin, a much-beloved and respected member of the Society, who passed away in November 2000. The donations to this fund are designated to support the Heidi Patriquin International Fellowship for Education. 

Donations to this Fund can be made by selecting that option in the online donation site or by sending a check and note to: 

The SPR Research and Education Foundation
Heidi Patriquin Fund
1891 Preston White Drive 
Reston, VA 20191  



The Jack O. Haller Thomas Slovis Award Fund 

In memory of Drs. Jack O. Haller and Tom Slovis, friends and loved and respected members of the Society.  The donations to this fund are designated to support the Jack O. Haller and Thomas Slovis Awards for Excellence in Pediatric Radiology Education.  

Donations to this Fund can be made by selecting that option in the online donation site or by sending a check and note to: 

The SPR Research and Education Foundation
Haller/Slovis Fund
1891 Preston White Drive 
Reston, VA 20191  









Just takes a simple designation in your will or trust and costs nothing during lifetime. They are easy and revocable if situation changes.

For sample language, visit the Bequest Notification Page

Living Trust

Avoids probate. Just name the SPR Research and Education Foundation as a beneficiary.

Gift Annuity

A simple agreement that can increase your cash flow from a gift that provides guaranteed fixed payments for life.

Lifetime annuity payments

Based on age may be two or three times higher than your cash return on low-earning securi-ties or CDs.

Life Insurance

Donate policy and deduct future premium payments, or just name the SPR Research and Education Foundation as policy beneficiary. Individuals typically pay less than $1 for $1 of coverage.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Great tool for selling assets tax-free and receiving income for life; the remaining assets go to SPR Research and Education Foundation. It provides steady cash flow and can be more beneficial than keeping an asset or selling it outright.

Retirement Assets

Retirement funds paid to your kids at your passing can get hit with income and estate taxes, but are tax-free to SPR Research and Education Foundation. Funds left to children may be hit with income and estate tax of 70% or more.

Charitable Lead Trust

You greatly reduce or avoid estate tax on trust assets passing to family... if some trust income goes to SPR Research and Education Foundation for a few years. Trust provides generous estate and gift tax deductions for wealth transferred to family at a more mature age.

Lifetime Bequest

A “Lifetime Bequest” is a combination of a gift or pledge now plus an estate gift later to facilitate and maximize the impact of your giving.

Estate Gift Portion

Charitable Bequest in your will or trust, or Beneficiary Designation in your IRA or other retirement plan, life insurance policy, bank or brokerage account.


You can request a naming opportunity (e.g. name a fund or project in memory of a loved one) in exchange for your binding commitment.

Annual Contributors List

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