April 2016 Newsletter IPR Spotlight

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The Society for Pediatric Radiology

April 2016   
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SPR Members @ IPR'16 - Invitations and Reminders


Members' Ballot Initiatives

Active Members are encouraged to vote in the following ballot initiatives:
  • Bylaws Amendments - full text at this link. The overall goal is to streamline SPR's membership categories, increase inclusivity and modernize processes.   
  • Leadership Slate 
    • For Second-Vice President:  Christopher I. Cassady, MD, Texas Children’s Hospital
    • Members of the Board of Directors:
      • Laura Fenton, MD, Children’s Hospital of Colorado  
      • Susan Palasis, MD, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta  
    • Member of the Research and Education Foundation Board: R. Paul Guillerman, MD, Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Nominating Committee election - vote for 2 of the following on the ballot linked below:
    • Lorna Browne, MBBCh
    • Andrea Doria, MD, PhD, MSc
    • Judy Estroff, MD
    • Tara Holm, MD
    • Pinar Karakas, MD
    • Hansel Otero, MD
    • Manish Patel, DO
    • Stephan Voss, MD, PhD 
Active members will receive the online ballot by separate email.  Congratulations and thank you to all the candidates and nominees. 

SPR Members' Business Meeting 5/19

The SPR Members Business meeting and Lunch is scheduled for Thursday, May 19th in Imperial Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel, Chicago.
We will again use our more interactive format this year. To make this work, committee and leader reports will be distributed by email and online the week prior to the meeting. Members are asked to bring questions and comments to the Business meeting.  

Election results and grant awards will be announced at this session. 
Review and print the preliminary agenda here.   

Late-Breaking addition to IPR Week: A Night at the House of Blues

HOBPlease join us for an evening of authentic Chicago blues in a private concert at the famous House of Blues on Wednesday, May 18th from 6:00-10:00 pm! The well-known Chicago-based Mike Wheeler Band will play an exclusive performance for the IPR attendees.  

Do not miss this event! Register to attend and come enjoy the music with your colleagues and friends!  
(Concert admission, heavy hors d'oeuvres and beverage tickets included in event fee)   
Event Fees:  
$50 – ages 13 and up
$30 – ages 12 and under  Free for infants

To Register:  Simply log into the SPR/IPR registration website with your credentials and purchase the IPR - House of Blues Reception.



Donate an Item for our Auction!

There is still time!  Make an artistic or crafty contribution to the Hooshang Taybi Art Show and Auction to benefit the SPR Research and Education Foundation. Tell us more here.  

Saving the Starfish** Can WFPI make a difference?

What do members think and what have we accomplished so far?

smallworld 3Read the "Saving the Starfish" article by Amanda Dehaye, Cicero T. Silva, Kassa Darge, Sanjay P. Prabhu, Savvas Andronikou, Bernard F. Laya, Brian D. Coley, and M. Ines Boechat in the April 2016 issue of Pediatric Radiology. 

**The reference "Saving the Starfish" comes from this story:  One day, after a big storm, an old man found starfish littered all over the beach. In the distance, a small boy kept bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea.  “What are you doing?”  The old man called out. The young boy called back “Throwing back the starfish. The tide has washed them up. Unless I throw them back, they’ll all die.” The old man replied, “But there must be thousands of starfish on this beach.  I’m afraid you won’t make much of a difference.” The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it. Then he turned, smiled and said, “I made a difference to that one!”   

Click on the image to read the entire Small World Newsletter.


Pediatric Radiology at the ACR 

New ACR Fellows: Congratulations to SPR Members achieving the status of ACR Fellow at the upcoming ACR meeting:

Bradley Betz, MD                                   Timothy Carmody, MD
S. Bruce Greenberg, MD                         Martin Reed, MD 
Sjirk Westra, MD                                                                                                                                         

PedCaucus_2015For information on ACR Fellowship, visit the ACR website.

If you are attending the ACR meeting, consider adding the Pediatric Caucus meeting on Sunday, May 15 to your itinerary.  Contact Kate Feinstein, MD at kfeinstein@radiology.bsd.uchicago.edu  or Jennifer Boylan at jboylan@acr.org  for more information.

Pictured: 2015 Pediatric Caucus 


Legos and MRI and the WFPI 

Lego 2SPR’s Webmaster Dr. Ben Taragin, who is also one of WFPI’s regular tele-readers, has developed a project with Dr. Erik Ranschaert of the Netherlands to create a miniature MRI made of LEGO bricks and make it available to physicians and hospitals. Says Dr. Taragin :
“After building it with my son, I realized that it might actually be useful for our child life division at my own hospital, to use when prepping patients for MRI. Then, after hearing positive comments, we partnered with Dirk Denoyelle, LEGO Certified Professional from Amazings in Belgium to make it available internationally.
While many simulators exist on the market, none are built using the basic blocks of childhood.
Two sets have been developed: a large version with the MRI in its complete setting, and a smaller one of just the MRI and child.  Its size and portability allows it to be carried around the hospital in a regular work bag. It is our hope that this MRI with LEGO bricks will enable younger children to feel less as well as reduce the number of patients requiring anaesthesia.  Learn more and order here.

FDA Approves Administration for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography of the Liver 

Dr. Kassa Darge, Chair of SPR's Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Task Force, quoted in this Aunt Minnie article posted on the International Contrast Ultrasound Society website. Dr. Darge remarks: "The approval also marks a major shift toward acceptance of CEUS in children and will herald its introduction as a diagnostic option."Dr. Kassa Darge, PhD, is an ICUS board member, an SPR Board member and chief of body imaging at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). "It goes from something more like a 'research' application to routine clinical use," Darge said. "In addition, it opens up the possibility of reimbursement. It is amazing to see the increase in requests for information regarding pediatric CEUS applications just in the first week of the approval."  
The SPR Board of Directors thanks Dr. Darge and the members of the task force for their behind-the-scenes work on this effort. 
Task Force members: Drs. Beth McCarville, Susan Back, Carol Barnewolt, Dorothy Bulas, Jamie Coleman, Jonathan Dillman, Lynn Fordham, Summer Kaplan, Harriet Paltiel, and Task Force Founder: Dr. Frank Volberg.