IPR 2016 Awards

  • John Kirkpatrick Young Investigator Award
    • Paper # SCI-040: Fetal lung volumes by MRI: Normal weekly values from 18 weeks through 28 weeks gestation- Jacquelyn Garcia, DO, UT Health Science Center Houston, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Caffey Award – Best Clinical Research Paper
    • Paper #116: Intra-operative MRI guided, laparoscopic-assisted anorectoplasty in the treatment for imperforate anus, Damien Grattan-Smith, MBBS, Children's Healthcare Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 
  • Caffey Award – Best Basic Science Research Paper
    • Paper #102: In vivo Profiling of Folate Receptor Expression in Rat Placenta Using MR Molecular Imaging - Ketan Ghaghada, PhD, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Caffey Award - Scientific Exhibit
      • Poster # SCI-076: Ultrasound Diagnosis of Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS): A Single Institutional Experience - Anjum Bandarkar, Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA
    • Caffey Award – Educational Exhibit: 
      • Poster # EDU-109: Pediatric Thyroid Cancer: Common Sonographic Appearances and Pitfalls - Claudia Martinez-Rios, MD, Diagnostic Imaging, The Hospital for Sick Children , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Caffey Award – Case Report Exhibit
      • Poster #: CR-075 -Imaging Appearance of Crayons, Aaron McAllister, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    • Radiographer Best Poster Award
      • Poster #: SCI-01(R): Dynamic Volume Imaging by MDCT in Pediatric Patients with Tracheobronchial Stenosis, Shuji Abe, Radiology, Osaka Medical Center and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health, Izumi, Japan
    • Radiographer Best Scientific Paper Award
      • Paper #SCI-012(R): A comparison of manual, semi-automated and automated visceral adipose tissue quantification on paedatric abdominal CT examinations, Michelle O’Connor, School of Medicine, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
    • ESPR Jacques Lefèbvre Award
      • Paper #: SCI-119: Fetal, infant, and childhood growth and acetabular hip dysplasia at skeletal maturity: findings from a prospective study with follow-up from newborn to adult life, Lene Laborie, MD, PhD, Haukeland University Hospital, University of Bergen, Norway
    • ESPR Young Researcher Award
      • Paper # SCI-128: What is the value of spine, hand and foot radiographs as part of the skeletal survey for diagnosing suspected physical child abuse? Michael Paddock, MBBS, University of Sheffield Medical School, Sheffield, United Kingdom
    • ESPR President’s Award
      • Paper # SCI-192: Image Quality Assessment of 3T MR Coronary Angiography (3D SSFP) In Patients Operated For Transposition of the Great Arteries with Three Qualitative Methods, L. Kathrine Suther, MD, Oslo University Hospital, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Unit, Oslo, Norway
    • ESPR Poster Award - Education
      • Poster # EDU-024: Early Onset Infantile Inflammatory Bowel Disease, John Adu, BSc, MBChB, Radiology, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, United Kingdom
    • ESPR Poster Award - Scientific
      • Poster # SCI-023: Three-dimensional, T1-weighted Gradient-Echo Imaging of the Brain with a Radial Sampling of K-Space: An Alternative Technique to Reduce Motion Artifacts in Breathless Children, Ji Eun Park, Radiology, Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, Seoul, Korea (the Republic of)
    • IPR People’s Choice Electronic Exhibit 
      • Poster #EDU-107: Anatomic – Pathophysiologic Correlates of Pulmonary Haemorrhage in Children – Relating the Physiology to the Anatomy, Caroline Lacroix, MD , Diagnostic Imaging, The Hospital for Sick Children,Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Radiology 2016 Outstanding Clinical Scientific Poster Award 
      • Tahani Ahmad, IWK Health Center Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for Diagnostic Pathway for Imaging Acute Appendicitis in Children
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Radiology 2016 Outstanding Clinical Education Poster Award 
      • Katya Rozovsky, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Child Health, Health Sciences Center, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Rick Higgins, Hayley Moffat, Jens Wrogemann, Faisal Al-Somali, Elka Miller, Lina Alqublan, Martin Bunge for Blastomatosis in Pediatric Population – Meeting “The Great Mimicker”
    • 2016 Outstanding WFPI Education Poster Award
      • G. Papaioannou MD, PhD, C. Meleti MD, E. Manopoulou MD, G. Magganas MD, S. Yarmentis MD, PhD, N. Kritikos MD, PhD, Mitera Maternity and Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece For Lumps and bumps of the head and neck in neonates, infants and children: spectrum of imaging findings
    • 2016 Outstanding WFPI Scientific Poster Award
      • Nagy, E; Marterer, R; Tschauner, S; Lindbichler, F; Sorantin, E, Medical University of Graz, Austria for Optimizing thresholds for computed tomography angiography in young children considered varying Hounsfield units at different tube voltages
    • 2016 Outstanding WFPI Radiographer Educational Poster Award
      • Barbara Karl RT(R) CT CV MR, Ellen Gray RT(R), Christina Sammet PhD, DABR, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago, IL USA for Improving Lead Integrity Testing and Tracking
    • Case of the Day Winner
      • Peter J. Strouse, MD, FACR, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

    2016 REF Awards

    Education Project Grant

     “MOOC-based Repetitive Image Quizzes for Learning Concepts in Pediatric Radiology”  - Cara Morin, MD, PhD, University of Maryland 

    Seed Grant 

    "Study for the detection of gadolinium deposition in resected bowel specimens of patients with inflammatory bowel disease” - Shannon Farmakis, MD, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, St. Louis 

    Young Investigator 

     “Accurate assessment of kidney function through motionrobust DCE-MRI” -  Sila Kurugol, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital 

    Multi-Institutional Pilot Award 

     “Single Ventricle Reconstruction III: Brain Connectome and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes - Part II” -  Ashok Panigrahy, MD, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

    Griscom Endowed Chair

    Boston Children's Hospital recently recognized SPR Past President, Dr. N. Thorne Griscom, with an endowed chair named in his honor. 

    Dr. Griscom is pictured with SPR Past President, Dr. George Taylor, at the reception to celebrate this announcement.

    The 1st holder of the N. Thorne Griscom Endowed Chair is Dr. Simon Warfield who serves as Research Director in the Department of Radiology.


    David C. Kushner wins Gold

    SPR will recognize Dr. David Kushner with the Society's highest honor, the Gold Medal, at the 2014 meeting in Washington, DC this spring. Among Dr. Kushner's many contributions to the Society was the launch of the Campaign for Children and the reorganization of the Board of Directors. To Dr. Kushner: Congratulations on a well-deserved honor!.

    Editorial Team Welcomes Dr. Khanna

    Pediatric Radiology
    journal editor, Dr. Peter Strouse, is happy to announce that Dr. Geetika Khanna of Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology and St. Louis Children's Hospital has joined the editorial staff as an Assistant Editor, serving with Dr. Brian Coley and Dr. Cindy Rigsby. Dr. Strouse added: "We are delighted to welcome Dr. Khanna to our team."

    Logo History

    SPR had no logo from its inception in 1958 until 1985.  In 1973, Dr. Webster Riggs, the author/editor of SPR's Newsletter, used the Pedi Rad Report design to the right. 

    In 1984-85, SPR President, Dr. Lionel Young, led the formal adoption of the 1st official SPR logo - to the left. The designer of the 1st logo was Ms. Tamar Oestreich.    

    In 2000, Dr. David Kushner, then President of the SPR Foundation, commissioned the Campaign for Children logo (right) , to be used in fundraising efforts.

    SPR News

    You'll note that the SPR website has a new look today - August 15, 2013.  Over the past 12 months the SPR and the SPR Research and Education Foundation Boards, led by Drs. Donald Frush, Sue Kaste and Brian Coley, responded to the need for the SPR and its Foundation to have a unified logo for the 21st century.

    The new logo, which appears on this page today (you may have to clear your internet history if it does not appear in the banner) communicates both the warmth of the Society community and the strength of the members’ commitment to excellent and thoughtful care of the pediatric patient.

    3 editors - Shoulder-to-Shoulder

    Thanks to Pediatric Radiology Editorial Coordinator, Ms. Pat Vario, for realizing she was in the room with three Pediatric Radiology editors and capturing this picture: from left to right: Dr. Tom Slovis (2003-2013); Dr. Walter Berdon (1973-2003) and Dr. Peter Strouse (2013 -).