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Looking for online education on pediatric and congenital cardiac imaging? Don’t miss a beat with our monthly cardiac series!

All educational content is designed and delivered by experts in the field of Pediatric Radiology. Each LIVE 1-hour session will be held at Noon Eastern and will include a didactic lecture, case review and opportunity for discussion with speakers and moderators.   

Session 1: Neonatal Cardiac CT (Sept 17)

Session 2: Segmental Approach to Cardiac Anatomy (Oct 15)

Session 3: Cardiac Surgeries for Repair or Palliation of Congenital Heart Disease (Nov 19)

Session 4: Coronary Artery Anomalies (Jan 21)

Session 5: Conotruncal Abnormalities: Tetralogy of Fallot and Double Outlet Right Ventricle (Feb 18)

Session 6: MRI of Valvular Disease in Children (Mar 18)

Session 7: Problem-solving in Cardiomyopathy (Apr 15)

Thursday, September 17, Noon Eastern 

Session 1: Neonatal Cardiac CT

Moderators: Lorna Browne, MD and Cynthia Rigsby, MD

Neonatal Cardiac CT: Technical Considerations: Josh Pohlman, MD

Neonatal CHD Cases: Prakash Masand, MD

Description: This webinar will cover technical considerations of neonatal cardiac computed tomography with case examples.

Registration for an on-demand version of this webinar will be available soon.

Thursday, October 15, Noon Eastern 

Session 2: Segmental Approach to Cardiac Anatomy

Moderators: Lorna Browne, MD, Cynthia Rigsby, MD and Prakash Masand, MD

Segmental Approach to CHD: Marielle Fortier, MD

Cases to Illustrate Segmental Approach: Monica Epelman, MD

Description: Recent advances in CT equipment allow for the rapid imaging of CHD patients without sedation and this has impact on the pre- and post-operative imaging of many of these patients. This webinar on cardiac CT will focus on the use of the segmental approach in reviewing and reporting of CHD cases to ensure better communication among multidisciplinary cardiac teams.

This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. Click here for details and to register.

Thursday, November 19, Noon Eastern 

Session 3: Cardiac Surgeries for Repair or Palliation of Congenital Heart Disease

Moderators: David Biko, MD and Maryam Ghadimi Mahani, MD

Surgical Repairs and Palliations: Sarv Priya, MD

Surgical Shunts and Shunt Complications-focus on Imaging: Maddy Artunduaga, MD

Description: This webinar encompasses a didactic lecture and a case-based demonstration followed by a Q&A session focusing on the most common surgical procedures and post-operative complications encountered in patients with congenital heart disease (CHD). Attendees will learn a practical approach that will facilitate the anatomical assessment of CHD patients and will help them overcome technical challenges to obtain diagnostic post-operative imaging studies. Attendees will also learn the importance of providing a structured report that will optimize communication with referring clinicians.

Registration will be available soon.

Thursday, January 21, Noon Eastern 

Session 4: Coronary Artery Anomalies

Moderators: LaDonna Malone, MD and Jamie Frost, DO

Coronary Artery Anomalies: Eric Diaz, MD

Coronary Artery Anomaly Cases: Lorna Browne, MD

Description: Pending

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Thursday, February 18, Noon Eastern 

Session 5: Conotruncal Abnormalities: Tetralogy of Fallot and Double Outlet Right Ventricle

Moderators: Taylor Chung, MD and Erin Opfer, DO

Tetralogy of Fallot: David Biko, MD 

Double Outlet Right Ventricle: Christopher Lam, MD

Description: Understand the morphologic features of TOF and DORV to add the most value for pre-operative surgical assessment.

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Thursday, March 18, Noon Eastern 

Session 6: MRI of Valvular Disease in Children 

Moderators: Evan Zucker, MD and Eric Hoggard, MD

MRI of Valves: Mark Ferguson, MD

Cases to Illustrate Valvular Disease: Randolph Otto, MD

Description: Join us for a webinar on utilizing phase contrast to assess intracardiac valvular regurgitation and stenosis. We will cover the theoretical concepts, techniques for good quality image acquisition, and strategies of data analysis.

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Thursday, April 15, Noon Eastern 

Session 7: Problem-solving in Cardiomyopathy

Moderators: David Biko and Christopher Lam

Application of Tissue Mapping in Real Life: Cara Morin, MD, PhD

Cardiomyopathy Cases: Lindsay Griffin and Cara Morin, MD, PhD

Description: Cardiomyopathy is a broad topic with many established and emerging techniques for tissue characterization. It can be hard to keep up! This presentation and case review will cover practical topics in the imaging assessment of pediatric cardiomyopathy, with a focus on multiparametric mapping.

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Session 2 (October 15) 


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