2013 Syllabus - Fetal & Neonatal Imaging


Fetal Central Nervous System

Fetal Orbit Ashley J. Robinson, MBChB
Fetal Face Judy A. Estroff, MD
Fetal CNS Abnormalities: Posterior Fossa Ashley J. Robinson, MBChB
Fetal CNS Abnormalities: Supratentorial P. Ellen Grant, MD
Disruption of Fetal Brain Development Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB
Fetal Surgery – Impact Following the MOMS Trial Timothy M. Crombleholme, MD

Neonatal Central Nervous System

Advances in Neurosonology Dorothy I. Bulas, MD
MRI of the Preterm infant Beth M. Kline-Fath, MD
MRI of the Term Infant Ashok Panigrahy, MD
NICU Therapy –Brain Cooling Richard B. Parad, MD, MPH
Brain Injury During Fetal-Neonatal Transition Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB

Fetal/Neonatal Cardiac

Advanced Fetal Doppler Cardiac Mary T. Donofrio, MD
Fetal Cardiac MRI - How Can We Do It? Mike Seed, MBBS
Fetal Lung Mass Controversies Richard A. Barth, MD
Updates in Fetal Surgery of Neck and Chest Masses Timothy M. Crombleholme, MD
Panel Discussion – Neck and Lung Lesions
Updates in Neonatal Cardiac MR Imaging Mike Seed, MBBS

Fetal/Neonatal Abdomen

Complex Fetal GU Anomalies – How Can MRI Help? Maria A. Calvo-Garcia, MD
Fetal Ventral Wall Defects - US/MR Evaluation Erika Rubesova, MD
Ultrasound in the NICU – What the Neonatologist Wants to Know Richard B. Parad, MD, MPH
Neonatal GI Ultrasound Imaging Kassa Darge, MD, PhD
Fetal/ Neonatal GI Surgery Updates Kenneth W. Liechty, MD