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Genchi. Enzo Fellow / Resident Atresia tracheale....3 tipo( sec.Floyd 1962)
Amy Rowell Attending Type IV laryngo-tracheal-esophageal cleft with type III esophageal atresia
Deniz Altinok Attending Tracheal Agenesis Type III
Eva Amador Attending Tracheal atresia
Greg Bates Attending Tracheal agenesis with esophageal fistula
Ignacio Pastor Attending Tracheal agenesia with bronchial origin of esophagus
Joan Zawin Attending Type III tracheal atresia with mainstem bronchi arising directly from esophagus
Luisa F Cervantes Attending Tracheal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula
Melissa Hilmes Attending tracheal agenesis with bronchi arising from the esophagus
Michael Siegfried Attending tracheal atresia
Mike Attending Tracheal Agenesis, type 3
Richard Southard, M.D. Attending Communicating bronchopulmonary foregut malformations (CBPFMs) with bilateral esophageal bronchi.
Sarah Desoky Attending Tracheal atresia
Subramanian Subramanian Attending Tracheal agenesis (type 3). Right and left main stem bronchus arises separately from esophagus