Correct respondents from the previous case

Andrew Liu Fellow / Resident hyperglycemia (2/2 glucocorticoids) resulting in soft tissue FDG uptake
Hiroaki Takahashi Fellow / Resident Steroid-induced hyperglycemia causing decreased FDG uptake in brain
Jay Sangani Fellow / Resident Altered bio-distribution due to high dose steroids
Kara Alexander Fellow / Resident Altered bio-distribution of FDG to white adipose tissue secondary to corticosteroid use.
siddhi chawla Fellow / Resident False negetive pet scan due to steroid administration
Sota Masuoka Fellow / Resident Increased FDG uptake in white adipose tissue
Atul Utturkar Attending Diffuse adipose tissue FDG uptake from steroid administration
Daniel Gorsage Attending Altered biodistribution secondary to steroids (adipose tissue)
Deniz Altinok Attending Altered FDG uptake in mesentery due to high dose chemotherapy and corticosteroids
Joan Zawin Attending uptake of FDG in white adipose tissue mediated by corticosteroid effect.
Naganathan Mani Attending Spurious Increased uptake in White adipose tissue due to high steroid dosage
Narendra Shet Attending suppressed FDG uptake due to steroids
Richard Southard Attending Abnormal skin and subcutaneous white fat FDG uptake
sabah servaes Attending decreased hepatic uptake due to high dose steroids
Sarah Desoky Attending iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome
Subramanian Subramanian Attending Altered biodistribution of FDG uptake in white adipose tissue due to corticosteroid administration.