Correct respondents from the previous case

Adrian Sanchez Fellow / Resident Straight sinus thrombosis with subsequent cerebral edema; multiple areas of restricted diffusion. 
Chomanad Chittchang Fellow / Resident Partial Thrombosis of internal cerebral vein and straight sinus with acute left thalami infarction
Dionysios Koroulakis Fellow / Resident Venous thrombosis of straight sinus and associated venous infarction
Dr.Shahyan Siddiqui Fellow / Resident Deep vein thrombosis venous ischemia.
Farha Fellow / Resident Cerebral venous thrombosis of Inferior sagittal sinus, straight sinus and segments of deep venous sinuses with cytotoxic edema / infarcts in Basal Ganglia and corpus callosum.
Hiroaki Takahashi Fellow / Resident Venous infarction due to deep cerebral venous thrombosis (straight sinus, vein of Galen)
Laura Acosta-Izquierdo Fellow / Resident Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (internal cerebral veins, vein of Galen, straight sinus) with posterior infarction of the basal ganglia and left thalamus
Meaghan Magarik Fellow / Resident Straight sinus thrombosis with development of infarct
Nichat Vaibhav Shridharrao Fellow / Resident Cortical sinovenous thrombosis of straight sinus with left thalamic infarct
Shabana Fellow / Resident Deep venous sinus thrombosis involving inferior Sagittal sinus
Sota Masuoka Fellow / Resident Sinus thrombosis
vijay krishnan Fellow / Resident straight sinus thrombosis with infarcts in bilateral BG and Thalami
Agustin Cardenas Attending Dural sinus thrombosis: straight sinus and internal cerebral veins
Ammie White Attending Straight sinus thrombosis with venous infarcts of deep grey structures (basal ganglia/thalami)
Amy Rowell Attending straight sinus and internal cerebral vein thrombosis
Brad Rostad Attending Stright sinus thrombosis with venous infarction of the left basal ganglia
Chamala RudraTeja Reddy Attending thrombosis of straight sinus, vein of galen and internal cerebral veins with venous infarcts in bilateral lentiform nucleus , left thalamus.
DEEPAK KAUSHAL Attending venous thrombosis (internal cerebral veins, straight sinus) with venous infarcts involving bilateral putamina, caudate nuclei and left thalamus
Deniz Altinok Attending Straight. Sinus and internal cerebral vein thrombosis with venous infarct
Harsha Chadaga Attending Deep venous sinus thrombosis
Judith Gadde Attending Straight venous sinus thrombosis with venous infarcts
Madhavi Nori Attending Deep cortical vein ( internal cerebral vein ,vein of galen and straight sinus thrombosis)with basal ganglia hyperintensities.
Mohmmed Algathradi Attending straight sinus thrombosis with massive venous infarction
Naganathan Mani Attending Deep cerebral vein thrombosis ( Straight sinus and Vein of Galen)
Ovidio Elizondo Garza Attending lower sagittal sinus thrombosis
Phillip Silberberg Attending Left thalamic infarct-- secondary to inferior sagittal sinus thrombosis
Richard N Southard Attending CVT venous thrombosis straight sinus with venous infarction basal ganglia 
Sanjay Prabhu Attending Thalamic & basal ganglia infarcts secondary to cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
Simon Kao Attending Straight sinus thrombosis with thalamic infarct
Subramanian Subramanian Attending Deep cerebral vein thrombosis ( Internal cerebral vein, vein of Galen and straight sinus thrombosis) with venous hemorrhagic infarcts in bilateral basal ganglia and thalami.
Thang Ngo Attending Venous infarction due to straight and inferior sagittal sinus thrombosis
Thrombosis venous Attending Thrombosis venous with thalamic infarction
Vijetha V Maller Attending Thalamic venous infarction from internal cerebral vein thrombus