Correct respondents from the previous case

abdu moh Fellow / Resident Vesicorectal fistula
Genchi enzo Fellow / Resident Fistola retto-vescicale post-traumatica.on bottom on rosebush
Hiral Banker Fellow / Resident Recto-vesical fistula
Kent Cabatingan Fellow / Resident Rectal perforation with communication (fistula) with the bladder.
Nichat Vaibhav Shridharrao Fellow / Resident Traumatic rectovesical fistula with bladder clots
Sota Masuoka Fellow / Resident Rectovesical Fistulas due to trauma
Agustin Cardenas Attending Postraumatic rectovesical fistula
Akosua Sintim-Damoa Attending Traumatic rectovesical fistula
Amy Rowell Attending Rectovesical fistula secondary to penetrating trauma from foreign body
Clara Ortiz Attending Post-traumatic rectovesical
Edward Oliver Attending Rectal impalement with bladder perforation (ie post-traumatic rectovesical fistula)
Eva Amador Attending Traumatic Rectovesical fistula
Greg Bates Attending Traumatic Rectovesical fistula
Joan Zawin Attending Traumatic rectovesical fistula
Kim Dannull Attending Rectovesical fistula, post-traumatic
MICHAEL SIEGFRIED Attending Rectal laceration with recto-vesical fistula
Naganathan Mani Attending Traumatic rectovesical fistula
Narendra Shet Attending Traumatic rectovesical fistula
Paul Clark Attending Rectovesicular fistula
Preet Sandhu Attending Post traumatic rectovesical fistula
Safwan Halabi Attending Traumatic rectovesicular fistula
Sarah Desoky Attending Rectovesicular fistula
Simon Kao Attending Transrectal perforation into the urinary bladder
Subramanian Subramanian Attending Traumatic rectal laceration with tear in anterior rectal wall and rectovescial fistula
Taruna Yadav Attending Recto-vesical fistula with air in UB