Correct respondents from the previous case

Ayman Basmy Fellow / Resident Spinal arachnoiditis and trigeminal neuritis (polyneuropathy)
Chris Davis Fellow / Resident Miller-Fisher
Genchi enzo Fellow / Resident S. Guillain-Barre',con variante diplagia facciale( post V.varicella zoster).
Sota Masuoka Fellow / Resident Guillain-Barré syndrome following varicella-zoster virus infection.
takahiro hosokawa Fellow / Resident varicella neuropathy including cranial nerve
Amy Rowell Attending Guillain-Barré syndrome
Clara L Ortiz Attending Zoster-associated lumbosacral and trigeminal plexopathy
Deniz Altinok Attending AIDP with Miller Fischer variant
Joan Zawin Attending Guillain Barré (inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy)
Kelly Hagedorn Attending Guillain Barre syndrome
Kingal virshni Attending Gillian barre syndrome
Mohmmed Algathradi Attending Guillain-Barré syndrome with polyneuritis cranialis
Narendra Shet Attending guillain barre
Ovidio Elizondo Garza Attending Miller Fisher syndrome
Subramanian Subramanian Attending Guillian-Barre Syndrome (post varicella infection)