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The co-chairs of the Fellowship Directors are Dr. Paula Dickson and Dr. Sabah Servaes.  

The documents posted on this page are offered as resources for and by the Pediatric Radiology Fellowship Directors. You are welcome to download any of the resources found on this page to help you in your work.  Please do not introduce confusion as to the authorship of these items.  If you have resources to share, please write to Dr. Paula Dickson and/or Dr. Sabah Servaes.

  • For the updated roster of Pediatric Radiology Fellowship Directors, visit the ACGME website and search on Pediatric Radiology.  
  • For up-to-date eligibility requirements for applicants to ACGME-accredited fellowships, you should visit the ACGME website as well.  


A Message from Dr. Jane Benson
Fellowship directors face unique challenges in administering their programs and maintaining compliance with the ACGME’s changing requirements. This is a place where fellowship directors can connect with each other through a listserv and email directory, exchange nuts-and-bolts methods through postings and downloads, and explore other learning resources through links and recommendations. This is NOT the place for prospective fellows to look at programs!   Please go to https://apps.acgme.org/ads/Public/Programs/Search to find that information.

Participation is voluntary and you don’t have to do everything.  Follow the links below to join the listserv, post your email address in the directory, fill out a program profile, and post examples of “what works for you”. Please remember that this site and everything posted on it is open to all SPR members, though not to the general public.

Program Profile:  The purpose of this is to give other directors an idea of the context of the examples you are providing; they may wish to use examples from a program most like their own. The section “What I want other directors to know” is your chance to impart some of your hard-won wisdom that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the Examples categories. Click HERE to complete a program profile questionnaire.

Program Resources:  Please look at what is already there under the various categories and find the best “fit” for your example. Please follow the naming convention so that the webmaster posts them in the correct place and so that other directors can find what they want quickly. Submit your examples here Submit your program resources example. Formats can be .doc, .docx. .ppt, or .pdf (.pptx may not yet be available to all users). If you think another category is needed, please email me.

Updating your examples: Each example should be dated in the title as to when you composed or posted it. If you make changes, change the date in the title of the new version that you send; the webmaster will then know what example to take down and replace.

Listserv:  Click for directions on how to join or unsubscribe.

Additions to the annotated library: When you find a great resource (online teaching file, quiz software, book, You-Tube video, etc.) write a short review and send it and the reference to Annotated Library Submission Form.

Thanks for your participation, and I hope that this webpage becomes useful to everyone.


Jane Benson, MD
Fellowship Director, Johns Hopkins
Chair, SPR Fellowship Directors’ Committee, 2010-2016

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Core Curriculum - Pediatric Imaging

The Core Curriculum: PEDIATRIC IMAGING - Authors: Marilyn J. Siegel, MD and Brian D. Coley, MD

Core Curriculum - Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac Imaging Core Curriculum for Pediatric Radiology Fellows
Created by the SPR Cardiac Imaging Committee

For access to the PPT version of the Curriculum, click here.

Program Resources

ACGME Resources

Diagnostic Radiology Residency Review Committee web page on the ACGME website

View ACGME's Radiology residency Review webpage here.

Notable Practices Page - ACGME

  • ACGME Notable Practices Page: Click “Radiology-diagnostic” and “Assessment
    system” to get definitions of the competencies geared toward radiology and some suggestions for how to measure them
  • ACGME Notable Practices Page: Click “Faculty Development” for a pdf of a PowerPoint that talks about the evolution of one program’s assessment system)