SPR's Early Years and Foundation


The Foundation and Early Meetings of the Society for Pediatric Radiology
by N. Thorne Griscom, MD
Drs. Neuhauser, Caffey, Holt, Silverman and Taybi at the 1975 meeting in Atlanta Georgia

Drs. Neuhauser, Caffey, Holt, Silverman and Taybi at the 1975 meeting in Atlanta Georgia

John Patrick Caffey was born in 1895, the year of Roentgen's discovery. He was trained in internal medicine at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and at the University of Michigan and then in pediatrics at Babies Hospital in New York. His academic career in pediatrics was well underway at Babies Hospital when, in 1929, he was abruptly assigned to take charge of radiology as the hospital's first in-house radiologist (the position was actually titled "roentgenologist"). At first he tried to avoid this added duty, but he found he enjoyed it. He began to realize that the field was wide open for a physician of scholarly bent and pediatric background, and he seized his opportunity. He rapidly taught himself the range of normal appearances and the plain-film manifestations of children's diseases. His first radiologic articles dealt with the findings in lead poisoning, rickets, the hemolytic anemias, hemophilia, and syphilis. His meticulous, disciplined approach led, in 1945, to the first edition of Pediatric X-ray Diagnosis, a major step toward establishing pediatric radiology as a discipline within pediatrics (as Dr. Caffey probably expected) and radiology (as it turned out). The second edition of this enormously influential book was published in 1950 and the third edition in 1956. His description of infantile cortical hyperostoses ("Caffey's disease") appeared in 1945, and his observations on the frequent presence of fractures in the long bones of infants suffering from subdural hematomas- that is, battered children-were published in 1946, both in the American Journal of Roentgenology. During the 1950s he produced a whole series of reports defining the normal radiologic appearance of various bones and establishing the normality of several findings that had previously been considered pathologic. 

John Caffey, MD


Edward Neuhauser, MD




The Jam Session


First Meeting - 1958


SPR is born - 2nd Meeting


3rd Meeting




History at a Glance

And so it begins.....


Term and President 


1958-59 Edward B. Neuhauser, MD*
1959-60 Frederic N. Silverman, MD*
1960-61 John F. Holt, MD*
1961-62 Arthur S. Tucker, MD*
1962-63 John W. Hope, MD*
1963-64 R. Parker Allen, MD*
1964-65 Edward B. Singleton, MD*
1965-66 J. Scott Dunbar, MD* 
1966-67 Harvey White, MD*
1967-68 M.H. Wittenborg, MD*
1968-69 David H. Baker, MD*
1969-70 John A. Kirkpatrick, Jr., MD*
1970-71 Norman M. Glazer, MD*
1971-72 Bertram R. Girdany, MD
1972-73 Donald H. Altman, MD*
1973-74 Hooshang Taybi, MD*
1974-75 John L. Gwinn, MD*
1975-76 Lawrence A. Davis, MD*
1976-77 Marie A. Capitanio, MD*
1977-78 John P. Dorst, MD*
1978-79 Bernard J. Reilly, MB, FRCP (C)* 
      1979-80 Walter E. Berdon, MD*
1980-81 Andrew K. Poznanski, MD
1981-82 N. Thorne Griscom, MD*
1982-83 Virgil R. Condon, MD
1983-84 Jerald P. Kuhn, MD
1984-85 Lionel W. Young, MD*
1985-86 John C. Leonidas, MD*
1986-87 Derek Harwood-Nash*
& Denis Lallemand, MD (ESPR)
1987-88 Beverly P. Wood, MD*
1988-89 John F. O’Connor, MD*
1989-90 E.A. Franken, Jr., MD
1990-91 Donald R. Kirks, MD
& Hans G. Ringertz, MD, PhD (ESPR)
1991-92 William H. McAlister, MD
1992-93 M. B. Ozonoff, MD*
1993-94 Joanna J. Seibert, MD
1994-95 Eric L. Effmann, MD
1995-96 Kenneth E. Fellows, MD
& Paul S. Thomas, MD (ESPR)
1996-97 Diane S. Babcock, MD
1997-98 Charles A. Gooding, MD
1998-99 Robert L. Lebowitz, MD
1999-00 Thomas L. Slovis, MD *
      2000-01 Janet L. Strife, MD*
& Francis Brunelle, MD (ESPR)
2001-02 Bruce R. Parker, MD
2002-03 Richard B. Towbin, MD
2003-04 David C. Kushner, MD
2004-05 Stuart A. Royal, MD
2005-06 George A. Taylor, MD
& Richard Fotter, MD (ESPR)
2006-07 Marilyn J. Goske, MD
2007-08 Marta Hernanz-Schulman, MD 
2008-09 M. Ines Boechat, MD 
2009-10 Neil D. Johnson, MD 
2010-2011 Dorothy Bulas, MD 
& Catherine Owens (ESPR), MD 
2011-2012 Donald Frush, MD 
2012-13  Sue C. Kaste, DO 
2013-14  Richard Barth, MD 
2014-15  Brian D. Coley, MD 
2015-16  James S. Donaldson, MD
& Karen Rosendahl, MD, PhD
2016-17  Diego Jaramillo, MPH, MD
2017-18  Peter J. Strouse, MD
2018-19  Taylor Chung, MD
2019-20 Christopher I. Cassady, MD, FAAP
2020-21 J. Damien Grattan-Smith, MBBS
2021-22 Cynthia K. Rigsby, MD, FACR


* deceased


1980 Salt Lake City, Utah 
1981 San Francisco, California 
1982 New Orleans, Louisiana 
1983 Atlanta, Georgia 
1984 Las Vegas, Nevada 
1985 Boston, Massachusetts
1986 Washington, D.C. 
1987 & IPR'87    Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
1988 San Diego, California 
1989 San Antonio, Texas 
1990 Cincinnati, Ohio 
1991 & IPR'91    Stockholm, Sweden 
  1992 Orlando, Florida 
1993 Seattle, Washington 
1994 Colorado Springs, Colorado
1995 Washington, D.C. 
1996& IPR’96 Boston, Massachusetts 
1997 St. Louis, Missouri 
1998 Tucson, Arizona 
1999 Vancouver, British Columbia 
2000 Naples, Florida 
2001 & IPR’01 Paris, France 
2002 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
2003 San Francisco, California 
2004 Savannah, Georgia
  2005 New Orleans, Louisiana
2006 & IPR 06 Montreal, Quebec
2007 Miami, Florida 
2008 Scottsdale, Arizona 
2009 Carlsbad, California 
2010 Boston, Massachusetts
2011 & IPR 2011 London, England
2012 San Francisco, California 
2013 San Antonio, Texas 
2014 Washington, D.C.
2015 Bellevue, Washington
2016 Chicago, Illinois
2017 Vancouver, British Columbia 
  2018 Nashville, Tennessee
2019 San Francisco, California
2020 Miami, Florida (canceled)
2021 IPR - Rome, Italy
2022 Denver, Colorado


David H. Baker, MD
Caroll Z. Berman, MD*       
John Caffey, MD*
Arthur Childe, MD*
John B. Coleman, MD*
Guido Currarino, MD*
G. J. D'Angio, MD*
Lawrence A. Davis, MD*
J. Scott Dunbar, MD*

Samuel B. Feinberg, MD*
Adele K. Friedman, MD*   
Bertram R. Girdany, MD*
Norman Glazer, MD*
John F. Holt, MD*
John Hope, MD*
William H.R. Howard, MD*    
Theodore E. Keats, MD* 
John Kirkpatrick, MD*
Eugene C. Klatte, MD
George E. Lerner, MD
Richard G. Lester, MD
John Munn, MD*
E.B.D. Neuhauser, MD*   
Harold O. Peterson, MD*
Herbert Peterson, MD*
Joseph O. Reed, MD*
Steven E. Ross, MD 
Eugene Saenger, MD* 
Jacques Sauvegrain, MD*     
Anthony Shiers, MD* 
Charles Shopfner, MD* 
Frederic Silverman, MD*
Edward Singleton, MD* 
Evelyn Siris, MD* 
Ralph Smith, MD* 
Arthur Tucker, MD* 
Eugene Van Epps, MD* 
Byron Ward, MD* 
Harvey White, MD* 



1958    Washington, DC  
1959    Cincinnati, Ohio  - Edward B. Neuhauser, 
1960    Atlantic City, New Jersey  - Frederic N. Silverman 
1961    Miami Beach, Florida  - John F. Holt
1962    Washington, DC - Arthur S. Tucker
1963    Montreal, Quebec, Canada - John W. Hope
1964    Minneapolis, Minnesota  - R. Parker Allen
1965    Washington, DC  - Edward B. Singleton
1966    San Francisco, California  - J. Scott Dunbar
1967    Washington, DC  - Harvey White
1968    New Orleans, Louisiana  - M.H. Wittenborg
1969    Washington, DC - David H. Baker
1970    Miami Beach, Florida  - John A. Kirkpatrick, Jr.
1971    Boston, Massachusetts  - Norman M. Glazer
1972    Washington, DC - Bertram R. Girdany
1973    Montréal, Quebec, Canada - Donald H. Altman
1974    San Francisco, California  - Hooshang Taybi
1975    Atlanta, Georgia - John L. Gwinn
1976    Washington, DC - Lawrence A. Davis
1977    Boston, Massachusetts - Marie A. Capitanio
1978    Denver, Colorado - John P. Dorst
1979    Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Bernard J. Reilly
1980    Salt Lake City, Utah - Walter E. Berdon
1981    San Francisco, California - Andrew K. Poznanski
1982    New Orleans, Louisiana - N. Thorne Griscom
1983    Atlanta, Georgia - Virgil R. Condon
1984    Las Vegas, Nevada - Jerald P. Kuhn
1985    Boston, Massachusetts - Lionel W. Young
1986    Washington, DC - John C. Leonidas
1987 IPR - Toronto, Ontario - Derek C. Harwood-Nash and Denis Lallemand (ESPR)
1988    San Diego, California  - Beverly P. Wood
1989    San Antonio, Texas - John F. O’Connor
1990  Cincinnati, Ohio  - E.A. Franken, Jr.
IPR'91  Stockholm, Sweden  - Donald R. Kirks & Hans G. Ringertz, (ESPR)
1992  Orlando, Florida  - William H. McAlister,
1993  Seattle, Washington  - M. B. Ozonoff
1994  Colorado Springs, Colorado  - Joanna J. Seibert
1995  Washington, DC - Eric L. Effmann
IPR’96  Boston, Massachusetts - Kenneth E. Fellows &  Paul S. Thomas (ESPR)
1997    St. Louis, Missouri  - Diane S. Babcock
1998    Tucson, Arizona - Charles A. Gooding
1999    Vancouver, British Columbia  - Robert L. Lebowitz
2000    Naples, Florida  - Thomas L. Slovis
IPR’01    Paris, France  - Janet L. Strife & Francis Brunelle,(ESPR)
2002    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  - Bruce Parker
2003    San Francisco, California  - Richard B. Towbin 2004    Savannah, Georgia - David C. Kushner
2005    New Orleans, Louisiana  - Stuart A. Royal
IPR 06  Montréal, Quebec  - George A. Taylor & Richard Fotter (ESPR)
2007    Miami, Florida  - Marilyn Goske 
2008    Scottsdale, Arizona  - Marta Hernanz-Schulman
2009    Carlsbad, California  - M. Ines Boechat 
2010    Boston, Massachusetts  - Neil Johnson
IPR 2011  London, England  - Dorothy I. Bulas &  Catherine Owens
2012    San Francisco, California  - Donald P. Frush 
2013    San Antonio, Texas  - Sue Kaste 
2014    Washington, DC  - Richard Barth
2015    Bellevue, WA  - Brian Coley 
IPR 2016   Chicago, Illinois - Jim Donaldson & Karen Rosendahl
2017    Vancouver, British Columbia  - Diego Jaramillo 
2018    Nashville, Tennessee  - Peter Strouse
2019    San Francisco, California - Taylor Chung 
2020    Miami - cancelled due to pandemic - Chris Cassady
IPR '21     Rome, Italy - J. Damien Grattan-Smith & Andrea Rossi (ESPR)
2022   Denver, Colorado - Cynthia K. Rigsby, MD, FACR



Dr. John Kirkpatrick delivers the Walter Whitehouse MD Lecture at the University of Michigan in September 1986

If you missed,Unlocking the History of Pediatric Radiology, presented by Dr. Michael DiPietro and Special Guests, here's your opportunity to watch it on-demand (select the image below)

This event was held Wednesday, April 7, 2021


(Top: Past presidents assembled in New Orleans, 2005: (left - right) William McAlister, John O'Connor, David Kushner. Richard Towbin, Andrew Poznanski, Edward Singleton, Virgil Condon, Hooshang Taybi, Bruce Parker, Charles Gooding, Stuart Royal, David Baker, Jerry Kuhn, Eric Effman, Lionel Young, Thorne Griscom, Diane Babcock and Tom Slovis. Bottom: Past presidents assembled in Nashville, 2018 (from left to right): Brian Coley, Joanna Seibert, Jim Donaldson, Richard Barth, Richard Towbin, Neil Johnson, Marilyn Goske, Dorothy Bulas, Janet Strife, Diane Babcock, Sue Kaste and Don Frush.)

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