Physician Resources Committee

Charge to the Committee: 

The Physician Resources Committee is charged with assessing workforce trends/needs for the pediatric radiology community in order to best manage allocation of resources where possible.

Specific Duties:
The committee currently directs three surveys in the spring: to graduating fellows, to the prior year’s graduating fellows, and to the fellowship directors. Using the results of these surveys, the Chair develops an annual report to the Board and to the Members – delivered at the annual meeting and/or online. 

Committee Roster

Committee Reports: 

2021 Report to the Membership
2020 Report to the Membership
2019 Report to the Membership
2018 Report to the Membership
2017 Report to the Membership
2016 Report to the Membership
2015 Report to the Membership 
2014 Report to the Membership
2013 Report to the Membership
2012 Report to the Membership