Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

The Society for Pediatric Radiology actively promotes diversity and inclusion at all levels of training, practice and leadership for the benefit of our patients, our profession and for the Society as a whole.


Readings - Books

Readings - Journal Articles and Magazines

Diversity Matters in Academic Radiology: Acknowledging and Addressing Unconscious Bias - UCB_Brenda J. Allen, PhD, Kavita Garg, MD





33 Years AAWR Increasing Visibility - Spalluto
Changing the Culture of Academic Medicine to Eliminate the Gender Leadership Gap 50 50 - 2020 Valentine Acad Med 2013
Culture Matters: The Pivotal Role of Culture for Womens Careers in Academic Medicine – Westring Acad_Med 2014
Entrepreneurial Women in Radiology: Role Models of Success Yoshimi Anzai, MD, MPH
Accessing the Gap in Female Authorship in Radiology: Trends Over the Past Two Decades – Teresa Liang, MD
A Female Faculty Development Program for Radiology – Lucy B. Spalluto, MD, Stephanie E. Spottswood, MD, MSPH
The Association of Departmental Leadership Gender With That of Faculty and Residents in Radiology Anand Shah, BS
A Leadership Intervention to Further the Training of Female Faculty (LIFT-OFF) in Radiology – Lucy B. Spalluto, MD, Stephanie E. Spottswood, MD, MSPH
Obstacles to Promotion? Values of Women Faculty about Career Success and Recognition – Lenore M. Buckley, MD, MPH
Sex Differences in Physician Salary in US Public Medical Schools - Anupam B. Jena, MD, PhD
The Effect of an Intervention to Break the Gender Bias Habit for Faculty at One Institution: A Cluster Randomized, Controlled Trial – Molly Carnes, MD, MS
The State of Women in Academic Medicine: The Pipeline and Pathways to Leadership - Association of American Medical Colleges
Underrepresentation of Women and Minorities in the United States IR Academic Physician Workforce - JVIR Higgins 2016
Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? - Eileen Pollack
Women Don't Ask - Carol M. Rumack, MD
Women at the Wheel: Do Female Executives Drive Start-up Success? - Dow Jones Report
Women in Academic Medicine: Perceived Obstacles to Advancement - Nancy M. Bennett, MD; Katherine G. Nickerson, MD
Women in Leadership: Why So Few and What to Do About It - Christina M. Surawicz, MD
Women in Radiology in the United States: 1982 Survey of Their Professional Practices - Sandra G. Kirchner, Judith Kossoff, David R. Pickens III
Women in Medicine: Then and Now - Margaret Wood, MB ChB, FRCA




When Health Care Isn’t CaringLambda Legal’s Survey on Discrimination AgainstLGBT People and People Living with HIV - Lambda Legal

ACR Diversity in Radiology Parts 1 and 2 - JACR 2014
Attitudes of Clinical Faculty about Career Progress  - Buckley 2000 ArchIntMed

Current Status of Diversity by Race, Hispanic Ethnicity, and Sex in Diagnostic Radiology - Radiology Chapman 2014
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Diversity Program for Radiology - JACR Spottswood 2019
Diversity 3.0 - K. Macura ACR Oct 2013
Diversity in Diagnostic Radiology - Radiology Chapman Jan 2014
Diversity in Radiology Starts at the Top - RSNA News May 2018
Diversity 3.0: A Necessary Systems Upgrade - Marc A. Nivet, EdD - AAMC 2011 
Improving Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Radiology and Radiation Oncology Part 1: Why These Matter - JVIR Johnson 2014
Improving Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Radiology and Radiation Oncology Part 2: Challenges and Recommendations - JVIR Johnson 2014


GLMA – Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality

LGBT Resources – Harvard Med School Office for Diversity Inclusion & Community Partnership

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Committee Information

Committee Roster

Chido  Vera, MD
Kristi  Bogan, MD, DABR
Adebunmi O. Adeyiga, MD
Micheal A. Breen, MBBCh  
Vlad  Bura, MD
Katharyn  Cassella, DO
Priyam  Choudhury, MBBS
Heike E. Daldrup-Link, MD, PhD
Kassa  Darge, MD, PhD
Andrea S. Doria, MD, MD, PhD, MSc, MBA 
Maaz A. Ghouri, MD
Liliane H Gibbs, MD
J. Damien  Grattan-Smith, MBBS
Katrina S. Hughes, MD
Lisa H. Kang, MD
Jane S. Kim, MD
Jessica R. Leschied, MD
Mesha  Martinez, MD
Danny  Nahl, MD
Rahul M. Nikam, MD
Ashok  Panigrahy, MD
Ashishkumar K. Parikh, MD
Maria Manuela Perez Matta, MD
Cynthia K. Rigsby, MD, FACR
Sheena  Saleem, DNB MBBS
Sabah  Servaes, MD
Sudha P. Singh, MD, MBBS
Akosua  Sintim-Damoa, MD
Stephanie E. Spottswood, MD, MSPH
Ranjith  Vellody, MD
Teresa  Victoria, MD, PhD
Nghia (Jack)  Vo, MD
Valerie L. Ward, MD, MPH
Lisa M. Wheelock, MD
Ammie M. White, MD
Sonia L. Wright, MD


We welcome your ideas, suggestions and concerns and strive to work in partnership with our Society and community to foster diversity and inclusion for all. 

Please feel free to contact the SPR at or the co-chairs by selecting their names from the list above.






Get to Know the Chair and Vice Chair

Chido Vera, MD, Chair
Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology
Pediatric Radiology Division
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC


Kristi Bogan, MD, DABR, Vice Chair
Pediatric Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
Mecklenburg Radiology Associates
Charlotte, North Carolina



If you are interested in serving on the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, please contact the SPR at

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