Promoting Careers in Pediatric Radiology

The ACR Pediatric Radiology Workforce Committee, composed of members who belong both to the SPR and ACR, is working in collaboration with SPR leadership to increase awareness about careers in pediatric radiology with medical students and residents and share the wonders of our field (and our happiness with our choice.) 

Pediatric Radiology is experiencing a reduction of people pursuing our subspecialty.  We believe this is, at least in part, because trainees are not exposed to our work until after the typical fellowship decisions are made. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world! This page provides resources to help you easily host events to share our joys! 

Video developed to answer medical students' questions HERE.  

  • If you are a trainee - Radiology Resident, Medical Student or pre-Med Student interested in learning more, visit our Trainee Information Page. 
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The Elevator Speech: Top 10 Reasons to go into Pediatric Radiology

  1. Referring pediatricians and pediatric specialists are remarkably well-adjusted and easy to work with.  They get along with children – you’ll fit right in! 

  2. To your colleagues you are a respected member of the team; to the parents, you are a hero.

  3. Most kids get better and helping them feels great! The impact of what you do each day matters for a lifetime.

  4.  You get to work in a colorful, upbeat environment.

  5. Generalize or subspecialize in pediatric neuroradiology, interventional, cardiac, musculoskeletal or nuclear medicine.

  6. The Society for Pediatric Radiology is a strong community with great meetings in exciting locations (such as San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, Tucson, Paris) offering multiple opportunities for SA-CME and CME credits, networking, and fun.  You can also participate in the jSPR – a sub-organization offering mentoring, lectures, and social events exclusively for pediatric radiology fellows and junior attendings.

  7. Flexibility: With a fellowship in pediatric radiology you can go into academic, private practice, hybrid practice (community/academic), and teleradiology.

  8. Portability: There is a vast number of pediatric radiology jobs available all over the country.  Take your pick of practice type and location.

  9. Your pediatric radiology colleagues tend to be smart, friendly, and easy to work with. 

  10. Your job is never boring! You are in a specialized field yet maintain your skills in multiple cutting-edge modalities including US, CT, MR and Nuclear Medicine.


Women in Pediatric Radiology

The video below highlights women leaders in pediatric radiology and was created in celebration of National Women Physicians Day (February 3rd).  The day marks Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell's birthday, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States in 1849.  To learn more about National Women Physicians Day and Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, click here Note: the video works best when viewed via the following browsers: Chrome, IE, and Edge.  The SPR thanks Ms. Eva Hamel for producing the video.