WFPI Council


Founding President & Council Chair - Ines Boechat
Professor of Radiology/Pediatrics & Chief, Pediatric Imaging
DG School of Medicine at UCLA
UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital 
Ph (310) 825-6798
Fax (310) 267-2220

Vice President Veronica Donoghue (ESPR, June 2014)
Secretary: Wendy Lam (AOSPR)
Vice Secretary: Dorothy Bulas (SPR)
Treasurer: Gloria Soto (SLARP)
Vice Treasurer Timothy Cain (AOSPR) (Rutger Jan Nievelstein, ESPR, June 2014)
Membership Secretary: Timothy Cain (AOSPR)

Representative Directors:

AfSPI Representative Directors: Savvas Andronikou, Omolola Atalabi
AOSPR Representative Directors: Bernard Laya, Abrah Hayat
ESPR Representative Directors: Rutger Jan Nievelstein (Eva Kis June 2014), Erich Sorantin
SLARP Representative Directors: Pedro Daltro, Celia Ferrari
SPR Representative Directors: James Donaldson, Rebecca Stein-Wexler

Council consultants - Bylaws and/or Strategic Framework

AOSPR: Winnie Chu, In One Kim 
ESPR: Richard Fotter
SFIPP: Philippe Devred
SLARP: Alexandra Monteiro
SPR: Kassa Darge 
Middle East: Hakima Al Hashimi

General Manager

Amanda Dehaye   

+33 6 82 88 24 49 (France)



Ines Boechat, Chair (SPR) 
Dorothy Bulas  (SPR)
Tim Cain (AOSPR)
Gloria Soto (SLARP)
David Stringer (AOSPR) 

Bylaws approved by all Founding Society boards and adopted in June 2012

Workforce Training/ Education:

Dorothy Bulas, chair (SPR) 
Winnie Chu (AOSPR)
Ron Cohen (SPR) 
Harris Cohen (SPR)
Pedro Daltro (SLARP) 
Kassa Darge (SPR) 
Philippe Devred (SFIPP)
Edward Lee (AOSPR) 
Marthe Munden (SPR)
Jennifer Nicholas (SPR)
Eva Rubio (SPR)
Antonio Souza (SLARP) 
Rebecca Stein-Wexler (SPR)
George Taylor (SPR)
Mary Wyers (SPR)


Savvas Andronikou, Chair (AfSPI/SASPI)

This committee format & composition is currently undergoing revision. WFPI outreach work is currently steered with the assistance of the WFPI Executive Committee (key Council members).


Erich Sorantin, Chair  (ESPR)

Diana Feier (ESPR) 
Goran Djuricic (ESPR)

Fundraising Advisor

Stuart Royal (SPR)



Sanjay Prabhu (SPR)
Amanda Dehaye (WFPI)
Jennifer Boylan (SPR)