Key Imaging Guidelines


Hodgkin Disease

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Wilms Tumor

• Soft Tissue Sarcoma

*All documents posted October, 29, 2015

Oncology Committee


Adina L. Alazraki, MD, Chair
Kiery A. Braithwaite, MD
Meryle Eklund, MD
Kara G. Gill, MD
Sue C. Kaste, MD
M. Beth McCarville, MD
Ajaykumar C. Morani, MD
Marguerite Parisi, MD, MS
Edward J. Richer, MD
Susan E. Sharp, MD
Stephan D. Voss, MD, PhD
Geetika Khanna, MD, Advisory

SPR 2015 Post Graduate Course - Oncology Presentations

Whole Body MR: Techniques and Staging in Oncology
Monica Epelman, MD

PET-MR: Technique and Clinical Cases
Victor J. Seghers, MD, PhD

Update on RECIST and Staging of “Common” Pediatric Tumors
Ethan A. Smith, MD

Pediatric Renal Tumors – Update from COG
Geetika Khanna, MD, MS

Diffusion and Perfusion MR in Pediatric Oncology
Shreyas S. Vasanawala, MD, PhD


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