Multi-site pediatric MSK conference, hosted by Seattle Children’s and Cincinnati Children’s

For information on how to join the conference, please contact Dr. Mahesh Thapa of Seattle Children's or Dr. Carl Merrow of Cincinnati Children's.



Topics Discussed:

1. Frostbite (thermal) arthropathy

2. JIA

3. Coccidiomycosis

4. Infarcted localized PVNS

5. Central glenoid cartilage injury vs. bare area

6. Soft tissue abscess vs. sarcoma - penumbra sign

7. Coracoid avulsion injury

8. Myositis ossificans

9. Enchondromatosis - nice MR appearance


Topics Discussed:

1.  Infantile Hypophosphatasia
2.  Unknown case
3.  Collagenoma in Tuberous Sclerosis
4.  Intracapsular, extrasynovial fat - hip - S/P AVN
5.  Brown tumors - secondary hyperparathyroidism
6.  Hawkings I Talus fracture with AVN
7.  Osteomyelitis & septic arthritis



Topics Discussed:

1. Rapidly involuting congenital hemangioma
2. Chondroblastoma humeral head
3. Intra-osseous vascular malformation or hemangioma
4. Lateral hindfoot impingement from hindfoot valgus
5. Elbow trochlear OCD
6. Spindle cell tumor of extremity (infantile fibrosarcoma)
7. ? Subcortical rests of cartilage at wrist
8. Infantile fibrosarcoma of neck/face
9. ? Small Patella Syndrome (Ischiopatellar dysplasia)



Topics Discussed:

1. Discoid meniscus with clinical and arthroscopic videos
2. ACL Ganglion cyst
3. Talus Q Fever Osteomyelitis (follow up from last month)
4. Langerhans cell histiocytosis of pelvis
5. Unknown distal toe calcified mass
6. TB with conglomeration of lymph nodes by elbow
7. Infantile fibrosarcoma of lower extremity
8. Subacute/Chronic osteomyelitis



Topics Discussed:

1. Scurvy
2. Pectinofoveal Fold of Hip
3. Dorsal Defect of Patella
4. CRMO of Patella
5. Bacterial Osteomyelitis of Patella
6. Osteoblastoma of Patella
7. Scurvy
8. Fibrous Dysplasia with ABC
9. Granulomatous infection of Ankle
10. Discoid Meniscus (Wrisberg varient)
11. Fong Disease (Nail-Patella Syndrome)


Topics Discussed:

US - guided FHL tendon sheath injection
Tibialis Anterior muscle herniation
Eosinophilic Fasciitis
Growing Stress Fracture? - Asymptomatic
Adolescent Disc Dysplasia (ADD)
Unossified cartilage tracking into metaphysis after insult
Hand hamartoma vs fibroma of tendon sheath variant
Femoral Neuropathy & Meralgia Paresthetica
Unknown multiple bony lesions (CRMO, neuroblastoma mets, leukemia, EG)?
Asymmetric rectus femoris fatty infiltration?
Subperiosteal vis joint fluid in a right hip


Topics Discussed:

1. Follow up - ABC
2. Adolescent disc dysplasia
3. Morel-Lavallee type lesion around knee
4. ALL - marrow replacement
5. Sinus Histiocytosis (Rosai Dorfman Disease) of tarsal bone
6. Blounts and physiologic valgus
7. Partial avulsion of fabella and tear of lateral head of gastroc.
8. Scurvy (spine and pelvis)


Topics discussed:

1. Growth arrest lines in carpal bones
2. ?ABC with periosteal reaction
3. Calcifying aponeurotic fibroma
4. Fat impingement lateral knee
5. Posterior sternoclavicular dislocation
6. MSSA chondritis
7. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
8. Elbow AVN
9. Chondroblastoma with secondary ABC


Topics discussed:

1. Microscopic polyangiitis
2. Unknown right iliac lesion (? subperiosteal hematoma ossified)
3. Osteomyelitis and myositis of obturator internus X 2
4. Metastatic neuroblastoma with diffuse marrow abnormality
5. Normal capital femoral epiphysis simulating AVN (? femoral notching)
6. Meyer dysplasia


Topics discussed:

1. Long standing JIA with intra-articular “rice bodies”
2. Conventional Osteosarcoma (US appearance)
3. High-grade surface osteosarcoma (chondorblastic type)
4. Femoral stress fracture (bilateral)
5. Granuloma annulare of forearm
6. Extensive venous malformation of upper extremity


Topics discussed:

  1. Idiopathic chondrolysis
  2. ABC associated with a fibrous cortical defect
  3. CRMO
  4. Plantar Fibroma
  5. ABC associated with LCH
  6. Pilomatricoma


Topics discussed:

  1. Blastomycosis infection
  2. Infantile myofibromatosis
  3. CRMO?
  4. Infantile Fibrosarcoma & Lymphatic malformation
  5. 5th Metatarsal secondary ossification vs fracture
  6. Fibromatosis


Topics discussed:

  1. Hoffa’s fat pad impingement
  2. Accessory Anterolateral Talar Facet
  3. Osteosarcoma in Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome
  4. Chondromyxoid Fibroma (lesions crossing physis)
  5. Fishtail deformity after distal humeral fracture
  6. Polyneuropathy (GBS)
  7. Dentate Glenoid (Congenital glenoid dysplasia)
  8. Leukemia causing periosteal reaction


Topics discussed:

1. J-Tip & wrist arthrogram
2. Luno-triquitral ligament and TFCC tears
3. Prepatellar bursa infection with foreign body
4. Ischiofemoral Impingement
5. Unilateral Chondrodisplasia punctata
6. Unknown cartilage lesion causing leg length discrepancy
7. Marrow infiltration with leukemia complicated by marrow infarction
8. Cuboid bone toddler’s fracture


Topics discussed:

1. Kingella infection of epiphysis

2. Elbow collateral ligament avulsion injury

3. Ultrasound guided elbow arthrogram - posterior approach

4. Chondroblastoma

5. Metaphyseal corner injury related to birth trauma 

6. Patellar Osteoblastoma