Cardiovascular Committee

Programs co-sponsored by the RSNA, ACR and ARRS

Cardiovascular imaging programs co-sponsored by the RSNA, ACR and ARRS

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  • Introduction to cardiac anatomy; function and hemodynamics, Martin J. Lipton
  • Contrast enhanced MR angiography, principles and artifacts, Arthur E. Stillman
  • MRA of pulmonary artery, Andre J. Duerinkx 
  • MR venography of the abdomen, chest and legs, Charles M. Anderson
  • MRA of thoracic aortic disease, Hugo G. Bogran
  • Correlation between plain film and MR, Murry G. Baron
  • MRI of arrhythmogenic RV cardiomyopathy, Lawrence M. Boxt
  • MR of acquired heart disease; valvular disease, Charles B. Higgins
  • MR and CT of acquired heart disease; myocardial and pericardial disease, Charles B. Higgins
  • MR of congenital heart disease: morphology, Lawrence M. Boxt
  • MR of congenital heart disease: function, Paul R. Julsrud
  • MR techniques for ventricular function and tagging, quantitative analysis, Leon Axel

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Dianna M. E. Bardo, MD, Chair
Sadaf T. Bhutta, MD, MBBS
Lorna P Browne, MB BS
Harris L Cohen, MD, FACR
Molly E Dempsey, MD
Maryam Ghadimi-Mahani, MD
S Bruce Greenberg, MD
Shilpa V Hegde, MD
Jeffrey C Hellinger, MD
Joshua Q Knowlton
Prakash M Masand, MD
Cynthia Karfias Rigsby, MD, FACR
Mike Seed, MBBS
Laureen Marie Sena, MD
Suraj D Serai, PHD
Shreyas S Vasanawala, MD, PhD
Sjirk Jan Westra, MD