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Membership Benefits

  • Subscription to Pediatric Radiology (for Active and Associate members, optional to others)
  • Monthly, online, journal-based CME at no additional charge
  • Access to the online Membership Directory
  • SPR member mailings
  • Admission to the Annual Meeting at the Member registration fee
  • E-mail newsletters with deadline reminders and timely notices about issues of importance

Membership Categories


Physicians with board certification and a significant interest in pediatric radiology or pediatric radiation oncology.   

Annual Dues rate = $450.00
Dues include: subscription to Pediatric Radiology 


Pediatric radiologists who reside outside of the North America, who otherwise qualify for active membership but do not wish the SPR to be their primary pediatric radiology organization. 

Annual dues rate = $25.00 
Non-ESPR members are offered the journal at the members' rate


Medical students, residents and pediatric radiology fellows.  Please submit a letter from training director verifying your status. 

No dues
complimentary access to the on-line member resources
journal offered at members' rate


Allied health professionals who work in professions aligned with radiology: i.e., nurses, radiology assistants,
physician assistants, non-radiologist physicians who work in professions aligned with pediatric radiology.

Annual Dues rate = $75.00
Journal offered separately at members' rate


Former Active or associate members who no longer are in practice.

No dues
Complimentary access to on-line member resources
Journal offered at members' rate




Membership Applications

How to apply

We are glad you are interested in applying for SPR Membership and joining our active community!  

The tabs that follow include both online and downloadable applications for the various categories of membership.   You choose the submission method you prefer. 

Mailed Submissions

  • For those applicants submitting "on paper" and for those whose supporting documents will be submitted "on paper," mail materials  to:

SPR Membership Department
1891 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 20191

  • Letters of recommendation are no longer required. 

Online Submissions

  • For applicants who submit online and who wish also to submit supporting materials online, those materials should be sent to   

Active and Corresponding Members - Download Application


Active and Corresponding Members - Apply ONLINE


Member-in-Training - Download Application


Member-in-Training - Apply Online


Allied Health Member - Download Application


Allied Health Member - Apply Online


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