2nd Campaign for Children

Exciting announcement at the SPR Member's Reception: the launch of the SPR Research and Education Foundation's 2nd Campaign for Children this week. The focus of the Campaign is putting the "E" in "R & E"  with the launch of a new Education-focused grant in the next Grant cycle in 2016.  

The Foundation Board thanks the members for all past giving and encourages you to think about ways you can do more.  You've seen the track record of the REF ....... help us keep building.  

Parents & Patients

Visit the Education and the Specialties Portals above for many useful resources. 

You may also wish to visit Radiologyinfo.org, the Radiology community's resource for patients. 

IPR 2016

Online peds MSK conference

For more information and videos, visit our new page!





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    16-year-old girl with congenital heart disease.