Correct respondents from the previous case

Stephen Miller Attending Ewing sarcoma
Steven Welch Attending Ewing -family sarcoma (Askin tumor)
Mantosh Rattan Attending Ewings Sarcoma
Stuart Royal Attending Askin Tumor
Lynne Ruess Attending Askin tumor
Michael Siegfried Attending Askin tumor/PNET
Safwan Halabi Attending Ewing Sarcoma (Askin Tumor)
Joan Zawin Attending Askin Tumor (ewings)
carl pergam Attending Ewings sarcoma of rt 8th rib with malignant pleural effusion
Nishard Attending Askin tumour
Khalid Khashoggi Attending Ewings Sarcoma
Vikas Yadav Attending Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of chest wall (Ewing's tumor)
Sniya Sudhakar Attending ESFT(Ewings Sarcoma family of tumors/Askins tumor)
Chandrea Smothers Attending Askin tumor
Clara L Ortiz-Neira Attending Ewing's Sarcoma of the chest wall
Dr. Joerg Schaper Attending Ewing-Sarcoma / PNET
Ellen Benya Attending PNET of the right chest wall with large soft tissue component in the right hemithorax and small right pleural effusion.