Correct respondents from the previous case

anees Jwad Fellow / Resident Ganglioneuroma
beth mccarville Attending neuroblastoma
Carl Pergam Attending Ganglioneuroma/ neuroblastoma posterior mediastinum with invasion of spinal column
Cecilia Wattsgård Attending Neuroblastoma
Chandrea Smothers Attending Neuroblastoma
David Wilkes Attending Neuroblastoma
Dr.Rashmi I Parikh Attending posterior mediastinal mass, neurogenic tumour
Drew Pierce Fellow / Resident Neuroblastoma (or histologic variant)
Edward S Wind Attending Intrathoracic Neuroblastoma
Eric Kakinami Attending Ganglioneuroma
Erica Yang Fellow / Resident Neuroblastoma
genchi bari italy Attending Ganglioneuroblastoma
Greg Bates Attending Neuroblastoma with spinal canal invasion
hsgoldman Attending neuroblastoma/ganglioma
Ingrid Kjellin Attending Neuroblastoma with intraspinal extension and cord compression.
jeremy neuman Attending thoracic neuroblastoma
Joan Zawin Attending Right thoracic neurogenic tumor (probable neuroblastoma) with extension into spinal canal and cord compression.
john krol Fellow / Resident neuroblastoma
Jonathan Williams Attending Neurogenic tumor, ganglioneuroblastoma
Ketsia Pierre Attending Neuroblastoma
Khalid Khashoggi Attending Neuroblastoma
Lauren Ehrlich Attending Ganglioneuroblastoma
Lily Wang Attending Neuroblastoma with intraspinal extension
Mahmoud Zahra Fellow / Resident Neuroblastoma
Manoli Eleni Fellow / Resident Thoracic ganglioneuroma
Mark Bittman Attending thoracic neuroblastoma
martin price Attending neurogenic tumour-neuroblastoma
Michael Siegfried Attending neuroblastoma
Naganathan Mani Attending Neuroblastoma
Nucharin Supakul Attending Thoracic Neuroblastoma
Radu Nicolaescu Fellow / Resident Neuroblastoma with intramedullary extension.
Rakhee Sansgiri Attending Neuroblastoma
Safwan Halabi Attending Neuroblastoma
Sasiwimon Jungtheerapanich Fellow / Resident posterior mediastinal mass, suggestive of neuroblastoma
Saud Al-Shabibi Attending Posterior mediastinal neuroblastoma
Shannon Farmakis Attending Thoracic neuroblastoma with neuroforaminal extension and spinal cord compression
Sniya Sudhakar Attending Neuroblastoma
Stephen Miller Attending Neuroblastoma with intraspinal epidural extension and cord block
Steven Welch Attending Neuroblastoma with spinal canal extension and cord compression
Stuart Royal Attending Neuroblastoma with extradural spine invasion
Vikas Yadav Attending Neurogenic Tumor( neuroblastoma)