Correct respondents from the previous case

Stuart Royal Attending Osteomalacia,/tumor related
Joan Zawin Attending oncogenic osteomalacia secondary to phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor.
Ingrid Kjellin Attending Tumor induced osteomalacia
Vikas Yadav Attending Oncogenic osteomalacia likely due to phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor
Mark Baskin Fellow / Resident Osteomalacia secondary to phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor
Sniya Sudhakar Attending Oncogenic osteomalacia due to hemangiopericytoma
Stephen Miller Attending Adolescent-onset hypophosphatemic rickets due to tibial exostosis producing FGF-23
Ovidio Elizondo Garza Attending Osteomalacia.
john krol Fellow / Resident renal osteomalacia
Drew Pierce Fellow / Resident osteomalacia