Correct respondents from the previous case

Achint Singh Attending Multiple hepatic adenomas
Ammie White Attending Hepatic Adenomatosis
Clara L Ortiz-Neira Attending Hepatic adenomas
David Wilkes Attending Hepatic adenomatosis
Drew Pierce Fellow / Resident Hepatic Adenomatosis.
Govind Chavhan Attending Adenomatosis
Greg Btes Attending Hepatic adenomatosis
jeremy neuman Attending hepatic addenomas
Joan Zawin Attending Multiple hepatic adenomas
Katia Kaplan-List Fellow / Resident Heptocellular adenomas
Leslie Bord Attending hepatic adenomatosis
Mark Bittman Attending Hepatic Adenomatosis
Michael Siegfried Attending hepatic adenomas
Naganathan Mani Attending Hepatic Adenomatosis
penporn saelim Fellow / Resident hepatic adenoma (adenomatosis)
Prakash Masand Attending Hepatic adenomatosis
Shannon Farmakis Attending Hepatic adenomatosis
Sniya Sudhakar Attending Adenomatosis with HNF1a mutation
Stephen Miller Attending Hepatic adenomatosis, possibly complicating glycogen storage disease
Steven Welch Attending Multiple hepatic adenomas