Correct respondents from the previous case

Akosua Sintim-Damoa Attending Small bowel obstruction secondary to magnet ingestion.
Ammie White Attending Distal small bowel obstruction due to multiple ingested foreign bodies, including a button battery and possibly multiple magnets.
Amy Mehollin-Ray Attending Ingestion of magnets and button batteries, developing small bowel obstruction
anees Jwad Fellow / Resident Swallowed foreign body is causing acute small bowel obstruction
Azim Kasmani Fellow / Resident Bowel obstruction secondary to magnet ingestion
Cecilia Wattsgård Attending Maybe it is an intussusception caused by the foreign body
Chandrea Smothers Attending Bowel obstruction from ingestion of multiple magnets
Chompoonuch Ponlasen Fellow / Resident Small bowel obstruction with foreign body (battery) impaction at distal terminal ileum/ IC valve
David Wilkes Attending Multiple magnet ingestion with small bowel obstruction and risk of bowel necrosis or perforation.
Drew Pierce Fellow / Resident Ingested magnets causing small bowel obstruction.
Edward S Wind Fellow / Resident Swallowed disc batteries causing perforation of small bowel with associated obstruction and perhaps abscess formation.
Edwin Rodriguez Attending Swallowed magnets with ileocecal obstruction.
Eric Kakinami Attending Foreign body - ileocecal valve
Esben Vogelius Attending magnet/battery ingestion causing obstruction at ileocecal valve
genchi italia Attending ...occlusione intestinale,da corpo estraneo localizzato nella valvola ileo-cecale.
Ingrid Kjellin Attending Intestinal obstruction related to ingestion of magnets.
Jeffrey A. Scrugham Attending Magnet ingestion (with resulting bowel obstruction)
jeremy neuman Attending magnet ingestion
Joan Zawin Attending At least 3 ingested foreign bodies, stuck in region of ileocecal valve. At least 1 button battery and probably one magnet.
Joan Zawin Attending ingested foreign bodies with partial distal small bowel obstruction - at least 1 button battery and probably one magnet
john krol Fellow / Resident pressure necrosis of the bowel 2/2 ingestion of magnets
Jonathan Wood Fellow / Resident Magnet ingestion
Kate Moreng Mangona Fellow / Resident Ingested magnets, now in separate bowel loops causing a small bowel obstruction.
Khalid Khashoggi Attending ingested foreign bodies
Larry Binkovitz Attending Magnetopathy
Lauren Ehrlich Attending Ingestion of multiple small magnets.
Leann Linam Attending Bowel obstruction from ingestion of multiple magnets.
Luis F. Goncalves Attending small bowel obstruction due to magnet ingestion
Mahmoud Zahra Fellow / Resident Small bowel obstruction secondary to the apposition of two magnets (ingest foreign bodies).
Maria Suo-Palosaari Attending Two magnets in the different segments of the bowel causing obstuction of the small bowel.
Marianne Ballisty Attending Small bowel obstruction secondary to ingested magnets.
Mark Bittman Attending magnets and SBO
martin price Attending Button battery bowel obstruction
Matthew Winfeld Fellow / Resident bowel obstruction due to magnet ingestion
Michael Siegfried Attending Bowel obstruction related to ingestion of magnets.
Naganathan Mani Attending Magnets causing intestinal obstruction
Nick Trane Attending Retained magnets w SBO
Nucharin Supakul Attending magnet ingestion, magnets are in different loops of bowel, stuck together and cause obstruction
pornpimon Fellow / Resident battery ingestion. Now locate in terminal ileum- cecum
Preeyacha Pacharn Attending Magnet ingestion
Ruji Rojt Fellow / Resident Ingestion of magnets with bowel walls trapping
Safwan Halabi Attending Magnet foreign body ingestion
sasiwimon Jungtheerapanich Fellow / Resident magnet ingestion
Saud Al-Shabibi Attending Stacking of foreign bodies due to magnetic effect resulting into intestinal obstruction
Shannon Farmakis Attending Ingested magnets clustered in bowel with associated bowel obstruction
Sniya Sudhakar Attending FB(?Magnetic) causing SBO
Stephen Miller Attending Ingested battery and magnet with small bowel obstruction
Steven Blumer Attending Magnet ingestion with possible Small Bowel Obstruction or ileus
Steven Welch Attending Ingested button magnets, adherent in bowel.
Stuart Royal Attending Swallowed magnets with SBO
Thitiporn Junhasavasdikul Fellow / Resident Magnet ingestion
Vikas Yadav Attending Foreign bodies with small bowel obstruction