Correct respondents from the previous case

Anees JWAD Attending Periosteal reaction due to prostaglandin therapy
ARACELI CUE Attending periosteal reaction due to prostaglandyn theraphy
Asthik Biswas Fellow / Resident Prostaglandin induced cortical hyperostosis and antral foveolar hyperplasia
fidaa wishah Attending Prostaglandin related periosteal reaction
Greg Bates Attending Prostaglandin E1 induce periostitis and antral hyperplasia
Hisham Alwakkaa Fellow / Resident Prostaglandin-induced periostitis and antral/pyloric hypertrophy/stenosis
Joan Zawin Attending periosteal new bone formation and gastric antral hyperplasia caused by prostagladins
Judy Squires Attending PG-associated hypertrophic gastropathy & periostitis
khalid khashoggi Attending Prostaglandin-induced Cortical Hyperostosis and antral mucosal hypertrophy
Mark Bittman Attending prostaglandin induced periostitis
Michael Siegfried Attending prostaglandin side effects: cortical bone hyperostosis and foveolar hyperplasia
Naganathan Mani Attending Prostaglandin therapy related periosteal reaction and stomach fold thickening
Rachelle Durand Fellow / Resident Physiologic Periostiteal Reaction in the Newborn
Richard Jones Fellow / Resident Foveolar hyperplasia (although in this case, looks like generalized gastric hyperplasia) due to prostaglandin therapy.
Sanjay Prabhu Attending Prostaglandin induced neonatal periostitis
Sarah Desoky Attending prostaglandin-related periosteal reaction and gastritis
Simon Kao Attending Prostaglandin-induced periostitis and gastric foveolar hyperplasia
Stephen Miller Attending Prostaglandin-induced periostitis and foveolar hyperplasia
Steven Welch Attending Prostaglandin-induced periostiitis
Stuart Royal Attending Prostaglandin periostitis and gastric mucosal hypertrophy
takahiro hosokawa Fellow / Resident Bone cortical hyperplasia and gastricmucosal edema by PGE
Vikas Yadav Attending Prostaglandin-induced periostitis
Vishal Patel Fellow / Resident Prostaglandin induced periostitis and gastric foveolar hyperplasia
Zonah Khumalo Attending Prostaglandin induced periosteal reaction