Correct respondents from the previous case

Achint K Singh Attending Meckel diverticulitis with intussusception
Asha Sarma Fellow / Resident Intussusception of a Meckel's
Clara L Ortiz-Neira Attending Meckel's diverticulum lead point of intussusception.
genchi ibari italy Attending Invaginazione ileo-colica da diverticolo di Meckel
Greg Bates Attending Intussusception with Meckels lead point
Jacquelyn Garcia Smith Fellow / Resident ileum-ileum intussuception with Meckel's diverticulum as the leading point
James David Ingram Attending Small bowel intussusception secondary Meckel's diverticulum
Jean-Marc Gauguet Attending meckle causing intussusception
Joan Zawin Attending Intussuscepting meckels diverticulum
Jonathan Berger Attending Intussusception with Meckels diverticulum as lead point.
Judy Squires Attending Meckle diverticulum containing gastric mucosa, causing likely ileo-ileal intussusception.
Jung-Eun Cheon Attending Mecke's diverticulum with intussusception
Kim Dannull Attending small-small bowel rlq intussusception, caused by Meckel's diverticulum as a lead point.
Lauren Ehrlich Attending Intussusception secondary to Meckel's.
Mark Bittman Attending meckel's diverticulum causing intussusception
michel azouz Attending Intussusception of Meckel diverticulum
Mugil Varman Attending Meckel's diverticulum with secondary intussusception
Naganathan Mani Attending Meckels diverticulum( Inverted) leading to Ileoileal intussusception.
Prakash Masand Attending Meckel's diverticulum with intussusception
sabah Attending meckel's diverticulum lead point for intussusception
Safwan Halabi Attending Ileocolic intussusception due to Meckel's diverticulum lead point
salil sharma Fellow / Resident Meckels diverticulum causing intusussception
Sarah Desoky Attending Meckel's diverticulum with intussusception
Stefanie Lee Attending intussception (secondary to Meckel's diverticulum)
Stephen Miller Attending Intussuscepted Meckel diverticulum
Summer Kaplan Attending Intussuscepted Meckel diverticulum
Vikas Yadav Attending meckel diverticulum with intussusception
Vishal Patel Fellow / Resident Meckel diverticulum (with intussusception)