Correct respondents from the previous case

ALGATHRADI, Mohammed Ahmed Attending Pulmonary herniation of the right upper lobe
Ammie White Attending Cervical (apical) lung hernia
Antonio Soares Souza Attending Lung hernia by the Sibson's fascia
Dave Saul Attending Lung herniation
Greg Bates Attending Congenital Cervical Lung Herniation
Jessica Kurian Attending Apical lung hernia (Sibson's fascial defect)
Jessica Leschied Attending Congenital cervical lung herniation
Joan Zawin Attending cervical lung herniation secondary to absence of Sibson's fascia
Judy Squires Attending pulmonary apical hernia
Luisa F Cervantes Attending congenital cervical lung herniation
Mark Bittman Attending Sibson hernia
Naganathan Mani Attending Cervical Lung herniation
Naser Almehairbi Fellow / Resident Bilateral upper lung apical herniation
Nisar A Wani Attending Lung hernia apex
Noor Kathem Attending Bilateral cervical lung herniation
R Bellah Attending cervical lung herniations thru Sibsons fascia
Shannon Farmakis Attending Sibson's hernia
Simon Kao Attending Lung herniation at apices
Stephen Miller Attending Apical/cervical herniation of lung through Sibson's fascia
takahiro hosokawa Fellow / Resident apical hernia
Vikas Tadav Attending Cervical Lung Herniation
Vishal Patel Fellow / Resident Cervical lung herniation