Correct respondents from the previous case

Ammie White Attending Inguinal Hernia (right) containing ovary and uterus
Amy Mehollin-Ray Attending Ovary and uterus herniated through Canal of Nuck
Andrew Schapiro Fellow / Resident Canal of Nuck hernia containing uterus and ovary
Anees Jwad Attending Right inguinal hernia contains right ovary.
Asthik Biswas Fellow / Resident Genital hernia
Clara L Ortiz-Neira Attending Inguinal hernia (Canal of Nuck) Uterus, ovary
Deniz Altinok Attending Ovary- containing hernias of canal of nuck
Dr SADAF Fellow / Resident Right inguinal hernia containing ovary and round ligament
Drew Pierce Attending uterine and ovarian herniation into a canal of Nuck.
Esben Vogelius Attending Inguinal hernia containing ovary/uterus
Faridali RAMJI Attending Herniated ovary
Greg Bates Attending Patent Canal of Nuck with ovary and uterus
jeremy neuman Attending canal of nuck hernia
Jessica Kurian Attending Canal of Nuck hernia containing ovary and uterus
Joan Zawin Attending Herniation of ovary and uterus through the canal of Nuck
Judy Squires Attending Canal of Nuck hernia containing ovary and uterus
Kim Dannull Attending ovarian hernia through the canal of Nuck, without strangulation
Luisa Fernanda Cervantes Attending Nuk canal hernia
Mahmoud Zahra Fellow / Resident Ovary-Containing Hernia
Mark Bittman Attending Canal of nuck hernia with ovary
martin price Attending ectopic ovary
Mi-Jung Lee Attending inguinal hernia of ovary and uterus
Michael Siegfried Attending inguinal hernia of ovary
Naganathan Mani Attending Inguinal hernia with uterus and ovaries lying in the sac in labia
Preet Sandhu Attending Inguinal herniation of ovary and uterus
Sarah Desoky Attending Inguinal hernia containing ovary
Shannon Farmakis Attending Inguinal hernia containing ovary and portion of uterus
Shawn Kamps (Parnell) Attending Ovary in inguinal canal
Simon C Kao Attending Ovary in canal of Nuck
Stephen Miller Attending Inguinal hernia containing uterus and right ovary
Stuart Royal Attending Ovarian Hernia
takahiro hosokawa Fellow / Resident inguinal hernia including ovary ans uterus
Thomas F. Boulden, MD Attending Inguinal Herniation of Right Ovary and Uterus into Right Labium Majorum
Vikas Yadav Attending Hernia of the canal of Nuck (indirect inguinal hernia)
Vishal Patel Fellow / Resident Inguinal herniation of ovary