2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

  James Donaldson, MD, FACR,
Chair, Board of Directors

Diego Jaramillo, MD, MPH,
  Peter J. Strouse, MD, FACR,
President-Elect and Editor
  Taylor Chung, MD, 1st VP 
  Christopher I. Cassady, MD 2nd VP 
   Michael J. Callahan, MD, Secretary
  Stephen F. Simoneaux, MD , Treasurer 
and SCORCH President
  Kassa Darge, MD, PhD
  Laura Fenton, MD 
   M. Beth McCarville,MD
  Susan Palasis, MD  


Board of Directors (cont'd)

   Daniel Podberesky, MD
   Mary Board Wyers, MD
  Sue C. Kaste, DO, Past President
   Richard A. Barth, MD, Past President, FACR
   Brian D. Coley, MD, FACR, Past President 
   Donald P. Frush, MD, FACR Image Gently Liaison
  Marta Hernanz‐Schulman, MD, FACR ACR Commission Liaison
  Benjamin H Taragin, MD Web editor
   Gisela Mercado-Dean, MD, AAP Liaison
   M. Ines Boechat, MD, FACR, WFPI Liaison

Research & Education Board

  Peter J. Strouse, MD, President 
  Diego Jaramillo, MD, MPH,
Vice President
   Michael J. Callahan, MD, Secretary 
   Stephen F. Simoneaux, MD, Treasurer 
   R. Paul Guillerman, MD
   Joseph J. Junewick, MD
   Geetika Khanna, MD
  William H. McAlister, MD
  Janet  Reid, MD 
   Stuart A. Royal, MS, MD
   Alexander J. Towbin, MD

ndrea Schwarz Doria, MD

ndrea Schwarz Doria, MD